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Your birthright is joy!

Your birthright is joy!

“God’s Will for me is perfect Happiness.” ACIM Lesson 101

Have you been fearful about allowing yourself to feel joy? Do you worry that if you allow yourself to feel happy things in your life will go wrong? Do you try to figure out what can go wrong so that you can prepare for it? Do you think that you don’t deserve to feel joyful? Or do you feel like you can only experience joy in certain special circumstances?

If so then it is time to give yourself permission to feel good to feel JOY!

Why do we get superstitious and worried about feeling joyful about our lives?

You will learn why your Diving Creator wants you to feel joy and how joy not only enhances your life but the lives of others.

So rather than being cautious, confidently claim your joyful vibration. We are extremely powerful creators with our minds, thoughts and emotions, but these thoughts and emotions can be hijacked by our upbringing, the schemas we take on from our schooling, media and society, and even what our ancestors experienced!

As children we naturally experience joy. We experience a wide range of emotions but we readily go into very high vibrational states of joy. We don’t think or worry about it. Until a traumatic event happens that changes all that.

Through our upbringing, environment, school, as well as activated past-life and ancestral patterns, we begin at some point to shut down these natural states and grow more cautious, careful and even fearful and depressed.

After a traumatic event happens, be it big or small, we may become anxious and feel the need to protect ourselves. We may also develop superstitious beliefs that we are not meant to feel joy, that we need to prepare for what can go wrong so that it doesn’t catch us by surprise!

So let’s rediscover who we truly are and our true state of being.

Let us reassure our ancestors that yes indeed it is OK for us to feel safe and to feel joy!

In fact feeling joy and our higher vibrations is a way to keep us “safer” in the face of life’s challenges. Why well in our true state of alignment life flows more for us and there are less accidents and less unpleasant encounters.

Let’s live how we were meant to live, where we get to experience our highest states not as the exception but as the rule!

Learn how to tune into the vibration you want to live from, where all you want is already there!

Feeling Joy is not about ignoring or suppressing our other feelings.

Our emotions are an important indicator of what is going on with us-a compass to our systems. However they are interpreted by us, so they are not a foolproof way to interpret what is going on. Nevertheless our emotions do let us know that something is off, that something is not right or that we are doing well.

So we want to check in and pay attention to our feelings. Joy is a feeling but it is also a state of being, a vibration. When we are not in a state of joy we want to ask ourselves why?

There are of course basic needs that may not be met. Our body does require maintenance from us-though often in our Western society it is too much of things, rather than a lack that can mess up our system. Did we eat or drink too much? Have we been around too much noise or too many people or too much work or too much stimulation. Being still and resting are very important basic steps to recalibrating our system.

There are also many chronic environmental reasons that may be dampening our system, such as bad water, pollution, lack of proper nutrients in our food, 5G, plastics, medications, etc. so many toxins are all around us.

Our bodies are a great source of information for us. Learn to talk to your body and check in with your body and ask your body what it needs. Place your hand gently on the body part that is hurting or not performing well and ask it directly what is going on. Then listen intuitively for the answer.

Getting to joy may feel frightening.

There may even be ancestral trauma about getting too relaxed and happy.  There may have been an ancestral traumatic event that happened when the ancestor was at the height of their happiness and then a huge shock of that happiness being taken away–for example losing  a great love. This past event may trigger subconscious warnings to not get “too happy.” The reality is though that even if the events that created our happiness did not last forever, our family lineage, our being continued, so we must still allow ourselves the full experience, even if it is fleeting. We also want to remind ourselves that we will continue to have joyful experiences. We may also have an incredibly joyful experience without anything “external” occurring. This joyful state is our natural state and it shows us that we are loving ourselves and aligned with our purpose and flow. Simply being and being in a state of joy is our purpose.

So claim joy as your birthright, that joy is a state of being that needs to be experienced regularly and that you have a full right to experience it. That the Divine Creator of All wants you to experience this joyful state and your joyful vibration uplifts all beings around you.

What makes you feel joy? When have you felt great joy? Do you have fears about letting yourself relax and feel joy? Do you feel you deserve to feel joy? I’d love to hear from you.

If you want to go deeper into the exploration of your Divine Right to Joy join me at my next Guided Journey!

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