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Why Do Our Old Coping Strategies No Longer Work?

I have been talking about the need to heal our addictions and dysfunctional coping strategies for many years now, warning that we should not put this off as it will get harder.

The reason it has gotten harder and the old ways are not effective anymore in staving off our pain is that the vibration of the planet has increased. You can look up Schumann Resonances (SR), which “are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum.” The SR is a way we have to

measure a portion of this phenomenon.  This shift in frequency has been prophesied, foretold and talked about for many years now and the biggest change occurred in 2020. In 2022 there is a split that has become very difficult to bridge between those operating in the old frequency and those that are on the path to resonate with the new.

We were told there would be a “New Earth,”  and a split between people would be occurring. Well the New Earth is here, and is continuing to be created. How did it happen? It was some combination of our Collective Consciousness, God, Our Universe, Galactic Federation etc., but some force that we are very much part of, has been increasing the vibration and frequency of our planet and when something inside of us does not match this new frequency, it becomes very uncomfortable, not just emotionally and spiritually uncomfortable, but physically uncomfortable for us.

What We Are Experiencing is Physical

So how do we understand this? It is important to note that the change that we are experiencing is physical. Though we do not have the scientific foundation at this time in our society to explain the changes with the laws of physics, I believe that eventually we will, for this is not some lofty ideal or spiritual belief system, but a real physical fact, the vibration is shifting, the frequency of the vibration is changing. The SR is a way we can see the changes in the energy and have some idea of what may be happening during a given time.

What does this shift in frequency do to us? Our emotions, our thoughts, the food we eat, the drugs we take, the relationships we keep, that do not vibrate with the higher frequency become extremely uncomfortable. The old strategies we used to use to cope with fear, anger, depression and anxiety, also become less and less effective, so that we are forced to find a new way.We are also splitting along two different paths, those that have been doing this work, some for many years now, and can stand the additional pain of continuing to shed the layers of the old, as well as children that are very advanced souls that have incarnated on the planet at this time to help with this huge transition process. Those who face their fears, feel their emotions, continue to let go of their crutches and choose the path of the higher vibration, and those who did not choose this path, and at this point, it may be just too much, too overwhelming to get on board that train.

The two trains are going in different directions, one is the train of the old ways, one of the new. Neither path is wrong, our souls made choices to serve certain roles at a higher level, and there is no judgment of the path chosen, but there will be a vastly different experience between the two.

If you are currently struggling and you seek transformation and alignment with the new frequency:

  1. Breath

  2. Be in the moment

  3. Experience Radical Gratitude for exactly what you have right now, without wanting anything to be different at all

  4. Realize just how much you have right now

  5. Practice the SARA exercise

I am here to assist you to heal what still remains to be healed. My signature program, “Trauma to Transformation,” will be of great help in the process of shedding the old layers so that you can embrace the new and get to truly experience the magic of the New Earth. The time to do this work is now. Healing yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself, your loved ones, humanity as a whole and our planet.

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With Love and Blessings,

Dr. Eva

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