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What is a Life Coach? What Can a Life Coach Do to Help You

Life is hard – that’s a fact. No wonder so many people often feel anxious and overwhelmed with the many obligations and pressures that are a part of everyday life. No matter what life throws at you, all you think you can do is soldier on and move forward. As you are consumed by time-wasting and meaningless tasks, life passes you by. If you are tired of all this, and want to make changes in your life, it is a good idea to seek the help of a good life coach in Boulder, CO. Your life coach will work with you to help you overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and make shifts or changes in your life.

Life Coach– Definition

In layman terms, a life coach is a trained professional who encourages and counsels clients on a wide range of personal and professional issues. A life coach in Boulder, CO would help you with specific personal goals, professional projects and transitions. They help you grow by analyzing the situation you are currently in, identifying potential and existing challenges and obstacles, and coming up with a plan of action customized and designed to help you in achieving specific outcomes in your life.

How Does Life Coaching Help You?

Here is a look at some of the ways that a life coach helps you:

  • They identify, clarify, and create a vision for the needs and desires you have for your life.
  • They use their expertise to modify your goals as necessary.
  • They encourage your self-discovery and growth.
  • They nurture a plan of action, and come up with strategies that are based on what fits most suitably with your personality, goals and vision.
  • They foster your accountability to help in boosting your productivity.

If the passion you once had for life is no longer burning, or you have difficulty following through on your goals, or stress and anxiety are recurring themes in your life, you should work with a reputed life coach in Boulder, CO. You can start defining a clear vision, regain your confidence, and move forward towards your life goals.

Dr. Eva Malanowski for Life Coaching

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About the Author:

As a Transformational Psychologist and Life Coach for relationship trauma and related addictions, Dr. Eva specializes in helping growth-oriented professionals release the patterns that keep them emotionally stuck and unfulfilled. Dr. Eva’s work combines her experience as a classically trained, science-based psychologist, with spirituality, Inner Guidance, hypnosis, energy healing, energy psychology and shamanic traditions. While her work is solidly based in science, it’s by going beyond where traditional psychology has gone, that she has found the power to help her clients heal from childhood trauma and related addictions. She received a master’s and doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Baylor University and a post-doctoral fellowship in Psychology from the University of Colorado Health Sciences. Follow Dr. Eva Malanowski on Facebook , Instagram  and LinkedIn

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