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Imagine, just for a moment, what it would be like to feel…

  • In control of the behaviors that have been sabotaging your success;
  • Deep connection and belonging with the people in your life;
  • Purpose and passion in your career;
  • Confident and relaxed in your own skin;
  • Deserving of joy and fulfillment.

How would your life be different if this was your reality?

Right now, I know it might feel like a far-off dream, but even in your darkest moments, I can see the divine spark within you. It’s possible to crystallize your vision, unleash your potential, and create the life you truly want.

I know, because I’ve been there. After decades of suffering from the shame of childhood trauma, I dedicated my life to healing myself and others from this pain. Over the years I developed a comprehensive approach to transforming trauma, in all its different forms, into peace, joy and fulfillment.


This program is based on the concept that you became stuck in your emotional development when you experienced a trauma at an early age. Because you didn’t receive the love and support you needed to continue to grow emotionally, as time passed, you grew physically older, but inside, you remained a wounded child trapped inside an adult body.

Our goal is to kindly help your emotional self grow up, so she/he becomes the same age as your biological self and you can lead a fulfilling adult life.

The program is divided into three phases where progress is measured by meeting milestones and taking emotional risks. During our work together, I will be by your side, compassionately guiding you every step of the way.

This program typically takes 6-9 months to complete, but I also offer a condensed version if you live out of town and can’t make the time to travel to Boulder on a regular basis.

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Phase I takes place over a 2-day private retreat in Boulder, CO, after which, we will continue to meet weekly until your Inner Child grows up, is healed of trauma and you develop a firm connection to your Inner Emotional Self.

During your private retreat, you will…

  • Set your goals and determine where you’re at with each, so we can track your progress;
  • Determine what life risks you want to work on during the program;
  • Uncover the emotional blocks in your personal history;
  • Reveal any dysfunctional patterns in your family history;
  • Begin the magical journey of connecting to and healing your Inner Self through Inner work.

… all in a cozy, homey environment with hot tea, chocolate and snacks.

After your private retreat, we’ll meet weekly for 2-hour coaching sessions. During these sessions we’ll review your progress and continue the Inner Work journey until your Inner Self is healed of the Emotional Blocks that have held you back.


We’ll move forward to Phase II once you have reached the following milestones:

  • You‘ve healed the trauma and painful events that have held you back;
  • You’ve let go of shame and guilt;
  • Your Inner Self is the same age as your Biological self.

To complete Phase I we’ll hold a special ceremony celebrating your Younger Self.

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Phase II is about overcoming fear through action. You’ll try out your new Inner Self by stepping into your life and working on the risks and goals we determined in Phase I. You will continue to receive support and guidance through biweekly, 2-hour coaching sessions and unlimited email support.

During Phase II you will…

  • Practice changing negative thoughts and self talk. You’ll learn how to talk to your Inner Self with the empowered voice of the coach, loving parent, or best friend;
  • Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique to help you release traumatic pain held in your body;
  • Consciously work on transforming the old patterns that have held you back by trying out new approaches in real life;
  • Use guided meditation to help you visualize and create the life you want from the inside out;
  • Learn a specific, focused, decision-making process to help you feel confident in making decisions aligned with your Inner Guidance;
  • Learn how to use “The Surrender Method” – a gentle three-step process to help you manage emotional overwhelm with ease.


We’ll move forward to Phase III once you’ve reached the following milestones:

  • You’ve learned how to pursue the career and relationships that you’ve always wanted;
  • You’ve successfully navigated a “Growth Lesson Time” and gone into your next phase of growth. A Growth Lesson Time is a situation where you felt overwhelmed with fear and anxiety due to circumstances beyond your control;
  • You know how to handle emotional overwhelm with ease;
  • You’ve developed a close relationship with your “Inner Guidance” decision-making process.
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As you continue to solidify your newfound emotional maturity and work on your goals and risks, I will be there to support you by phone, text or email.

Phase III will complete with a Future Self Mini Retreat where you will…

  • Meet your Future Self – the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be;
  • Envision yourself engaging in the routines that will continue to support and nurture your Future self;
  • Solidify your resolve, and provide you with daily inspiration to continue on your journey;
  • Review the skill you have learned so that you can stay focused and motivated.


We’ll schedule your Future Self Mini Retreat once you’ve reached the following milestones:

  • You are clear about how to take care of your future self;
  • You’ve solidified the skills needed to face life’s challenges;
  • You have a new sense of strength and courage to face whatever comes up in life;
  • You are living up to your full potential.

This deeply transformative program will serve you at the highest level if you…

  • Experienced either a Big Traumatic event in your childhood or early adulthood, or a series of smaller relational traumas that left you feeling shaken in your confidence and lacking in support;
  • Have the courage to face your deepest fears so you can move beyond the places that have been keeping you stuck;
  • Are dedicated to leading a fulfilling and purposeful existence;
  • Want to finally feel at peace about yourself and your life;
  • You desire to heal beyond yourself. When you heal your own trauma, you are also healing future generations, as well as your ancestors. It’s a ripple effect—as everyone heals, the world becomes a more peaceful place where people take care of each other and treat each other better and better.

You deserve loving relationships, a fulfilling career and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re living up to your potential!

If you experienced childhood trauma that you believe is keeping you stuck, I’d love to help you move beyond the pain, shame and guilt into a life you feel proud to lead.




I was in an abusive relationship, addicted to drugs, cutting myself, bingeing & purging, broke, hopeless & suicidal. After one session, I knew I had found a different sort of doctor. Dr Eva helped me “de-catastrophize” my life. I left each session with a simple, solution-based plan. She challenged me to move from a sense of constant overwhelm and crisis to leaving each session with a plan for simple, solutions-based actions. She helped me feel empowered in my own process.

 ~SUSANNAH CYRUS, 31, Kapa’a, Hawai’i

Eva is one of the most interesting and skilled clinicians I have ever known. She creates a safe, non-judgmental environment with room for vulnerability & exploration. She incorporates traditional psychotherapy and Eastern philosophies, understanding the connection between ourselves & elements of nature, & how these energies us. Eva helps her clients discover the root causes of their personal challenges, and what is blocking their emotional growth, so they can lead a fulfilled life.


I worked extensively with Dr. Malanowski as a police detective. She has a keen understanding of people’s motivations, emotions and life challenges. Dr. Malanowski is a true professional with a kind and compassionate understanding of human nature. Very insightful and visionary, I would recommend her to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of life.

~IAN MACAYEAL, Aspen Police

I met Dr. Eva Twenty-five years ago. She was one of those fortunate students that knew exactly what she wanted to be: a Psychologist. She was years ahead of her fellow students, a natural listener, with a depth of insight, with unique gifts of maturity, kindness, compassion and curiosity. She was and continues to be the very epitome of excellence, A Leader in her field with the rare mix of Warmth, Insight, Professionalism and Authenticity.

~ CHRISTOPHER KRANZ, Psychotherapist