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Tips to Overcome Sexual Addiction

Sex is one of the most blissful experiences of life. An active sex life is the key to maintaining good physical and mental health. During sex, the soul and body intertwine, often providing an out of this world experience.

Sexual addiction is a dysfunctional preoccupation with sexual urges, fantasies, and behaviors, often involving the obsessive pursuit of objectified non-intimate sexuality: pornography, casual/anonymous sex, prostitution, etc. This adult pattern of sexual urges, fantasies, and behaviors must continue for a period of at least six months, despite both related negative life consequences and (failed) attempts to either stop or curtail the pleasurable, but problem-inducing behaviors. In short, sex addiction is an ongoing, out-of-control pattern of compulsive sexual fantasies and behaviors that cause problems in the addict’s life. (Weiss, R. (2015). Sex Addiction 101: A basic guide to healing from sex, porn, and love addiction. Deerfield Beach, Fl: Health Communications Inc.)

Here are ten signs of sexual addiction.
  1. A pattern of out-of-control sexual behavior
  2. Severe or ongoing life consequences due to sexual behavior
  3. An inability to stop sexual behavior despite adverse consequences and previous attempts to stop
  4. Persistent pursuit of self-destructive or high-risk sexual behavior (to self or others)
  5. Important social, recreational, or occupational activities are sacrificed or reduced because of sexual behavior
  6. Ongoing desire for change or failed attempts to limit sexual behavior
  7. Sexual obsession and fantasy are becoming primary emotional coping strategies. (Carnes, P. (1991). Don’t call it love: Recovery from sexual addiction. New York, NY: Bantam Books.)

Due to the stigma associated with discussing sexual addiction, most men do not open up to their friends and family and avoid talking about their condition. Instead of seeking help, they choose to ignore their problem; however, turning a blind eye to the problem only makes matters worse. If not treated in time, sexual addictions can impact a person’s personal and professional relations. To help men battling sexual addictions, Dr. Eva imparts a few tips to overcome the problem. Take a look.

1. Individuals Battling Sex Addictions Must Seek Support

Men with sexual addictions must understand that they cannot embark on their journey of enlightenment and insight all by themselves. It may be very difficult to talk to members of your own family about sexual addition, finding a 12-step support group may be a good option for men struggling with sexual addiction. To interact with people who are in the same boat, men with sexual addictions can join a support group for people with sex addictions. They can use the internet to learn everything they need to know about sex addiction counseling for men near them.

2. Men with Sexual Addictions Must Consult a Therapist

Men who are unable to treat their condition through lifestyle changes, must consult a mental health specialist on hypersexual disorders. A specialist can get to the root cause of the problem, and address the childhood issues and traumas that led to the sexual addiction. In addition the specialist can help to address the sexual urges and compulsions through a series of specially designed cognitive behavioral approaches that are known to curb compulsive sexual behavior. Additionally, a therapist can help nurture healthier relationships, and overcome stigma.

3. Men with Sexual Addictions Must Get Rid of Trigger Items

Men with sexual addictions need to get rid of triggers such as people or items that remind them of sex. They must delete pornographic images and videos on all their devices and install a software that blocks pornographic websites. They must delete the contact details of their sexual partners. They can enlist the help of a sponsor form Sex Addicts Anonemous while in situations where they may be more vulnerable, such as traveling.

These are some tips men with sexual addictions can follow to improve their condition. Over the years, Dr. Eva A. Malanowski at Amáte Institute Boulder has helped several men with sexual addictions vanquish their inner demons. She follows a specially designed program to diagnose and treat sexual addictions. To have a trusted friend in Dr. Eva A. Malanowski by their side, men with sexual addictions can call at (303) 242-7824. Alternatively, to schedule an appointment, they can fill out the contact form.

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