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Things to Consider When Searching for a Psychologist

It is rather easy to get discouraged when looking for a psychologist to assist you with your problems. Not all psychologists are created equal. And, when you walk into a psychologist’s clinic, in a vulnerable state of mind, it takes just one negative interaction for you to turn off from the whole profession! So, how do you find the right psychologist in Boulder Colorado? Here are four things to consider when looking for the right therapist for you:

Get Referrals – The best way to find the right psychologist for yourself is to begin with gathering referrals. You may start by requesting your primary care physician for a list of psychologists in your area. You can further add to this list by asking co-workers, family, friends, and even other healthcare providers such as your child’s pediatrician for recommendations. To narrow down the list, research the credentials and experience of the psychologists on your list via the internet. As you narrow down your list, you may also call each of the offices to make an appointment to meet and interview the psychologist.

Research the Psychologist’s Credentials – While researching the recommendations you have in hand; it is important to check if they are licensed This tells you if he or she has the skills, experience and training needed to render psychological services. You must also check to see if the psychologist has any history of disciplinary actions or malpractice claims. You can find these details on websites such as

Consider Gender – It is very important that you feel comfortable with your psychologist as you will need to openly discuss your apprehensions, fears and feelings aside from other sensitive and personal information. If you believe you will be able to speak more freely with a psychologist of the same gender, you could use this to narrow down your list further.

Know Who the Psychologist Specializes in Helping – Some psychologists work with adults; others specialize in children or families. Does the psychologist specialize in the area that you are having problems in? For example, anxiety or stress? Does she or he work with entrepreneurs or business people or specialize more in working with those with chronic mental illness? Some psychologists offer life coaching as well, which can be very beneficial if you are a growth-oriented professional looking to further your career.

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As a Transformational Psychologist and Life Coach for relationship trauma and related addictions, Dr. Eva specializes in helping growth-oriented professionals release the patterns that keep them emotionally stuck and unfulfilled. Dr. Eva’s work combines her experience as a classically trained, science-based psychologist, with spirituality, Inner Guidance, hypnosis, energy healing, energy psychology and shamanic traditions. While her work is solidly based in science, it’s by going beyond where traditional psychology has gone, that she has found the power to help her clients heal from childhood trauma and related addictions. She received a master’s and doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Baylor University and a post-doctoral fellowship in Psychology from the University of Colorado Health Sciences. Follow Dr. Eva Malanowski on Facebook , Instagram  and LinkedIn

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