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Well, my friend, you’ve landed in the right place to finally heal the hidden traumas that are causing your addictive behavior.

Imagine if you could…

  • Stay in control of your urges under any circumstance;
  • Look in the mirror and like the man who looked back;
  • Gain trust, respect and appreciation from family, friends and colleagues;
  • Experience passion for life and excitement about your future;
  • Release the shame, guilt and humiliation that make you want to hide;
  • Feel deserving of love.

Right now, I know this might feel like a far-off dream, but even in your darkest moments, I can see the divine spark within you. It’s possible to overcome your addiction and be the best husband, father, friend and businessman that you can be.

I know, because I’ve had the honor of helping many men like you, transform their addiction into a life of purpose and meaning.


This program is based on the idea that your sexual addiction stems from becoming “emotionally stuck” due to a trauma you experienced at an early age.

Perhaps you were sexually abused or exposed very early to pornography or sexual activity and your addiction became a coping strategy to deal with stress, anxiety, guilt and shame. Because you didn’t receive the love and support you needed to continue to grow emotionally, as time passed, you grew physically older, but inside, you remained a wounded boy trapped inside a man’s body.

There’s also the possibility that you don’t remember a specific incident or trauma that led to your addiction and that’s ok too, we can still work together to help you overcome your addiction.

My goal is to provide you the tools to help your emotional self grow up, so he becomes the same age as your biological self and you can lead a fulfilling life, free from sexual addiction.

The program is divided into three phases where progress is measured by meeting milestones and taking emotional risks. During our work together, I will be by your side, compassionately guiding you every step of the way.

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Phase I takes place over a 2-day private retreat in Boulder, CO. After your retreat, we will continue to meet weekly until you have released the pain of trauma and you develop a firm connection to your strong Inner Emotional Self.

During your private retreat, you will… 

  • Set your goals and determine where you’re at with each, so we can track your progress;
  • Determine what life risks you want to work on during the program;
  • Uncover the emotional blocks and traumas in your personal history that have you stuck in your pattern of sexual addiction;
  • Reveal any dysfunctional patterns in your family history;
  • Begin the powerful journey of connecting to and healing your strong Inner Self through Inner work and tools provided.

… all in a safe and homey environment with snacks provided.

After your private retreat, we’ll meet weekly for 2-hour coaching sessions. During these sessions we’ll take a detailed history of your sexual development and create a plan to help you overcome your addiction. We will continue with Phase I until your Inner Self is healed of the Emotional Blocks and destructive patterns that have held you back.


We’ll move forward to Phase II once you have reached the following milestones:

  • You‘ve healed the trauma and painful events that have held you back;
  • You’ve let go of shame and guilt;
  • Your Inner Self is the same age as your Biological self.

To complete Phase I we’ll hold a special ceremony celebrating your Younger Self.

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Phase II is about overcoming fear through action. You’ll try out your new Inner Self by stepping into your life and working on the risks and goals we determined in Phase I. You will continue to receive support and guidance through biweekly, 2-hour coaching sessions and unlimited email support.

During Phase II you will…

  • Practice controlling how you react to urges. You’ll develop a 5-part individualized desensitization script to help you stop addictive behavior under any circumstance;
  • Track your addictive behavior so we can make the adjustments you need to achieve optimal results;
  • Develop a deep understanding of the devastating consequences of your sexual addiction;
  • Build your support system – people and tools to help hold you accountable to your new life;
  • Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique to help you release traumatic pain, shame and devastation held in your body;
  • Use guided meditation to help you visualize and recreate the life you want from the inside out;
  • Learn a specific, focused, decision-making process to help you feel confident in making decisions aligned with your new Inner Guidance;
  • Learn how to use “The Surrender Method”–a gentle three-step process to help you manage emotional overwhelm with ease.


We’ll move forward to Phase III once you’ve reached the following milestones:

  • You’ve learned how to show up to your relationships, career and health as the successful man you are.
  • You’ve successfully navigated a Growth Lesson Time and gone into your next phase of growth. A Growth Lesson Time is a situation where you felt overwhelmed with urges, fear and anxiety due to circumstances beyond your control.
  • You know how to handle emotional overwhelm with ease and stay in control of your decisions.
  • You’ve developed a close relationship with your new “Inner Guidance” decision-making process.


As you continue to solidify your newfound emotional maturity and work on your goals and risks, I will be there to support you by phone, text or email.

Phase III will complete with a Future Self Mini Retreat where you will…

  • Meet your Future Self – the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be;
  • Envision yourself engaging in the routines that will continue to support and nurture your Future self;
  • Solidify your resolve, and provide you with daily inspiration to continue on your journey;
  • Review the skills you have learned so that you can stay focused and motivated.


We’ll schedule your Future Self Mini Retreat once you’ve reached the following milestones.

  • You are doing what you need to take care of your new strong Inner Self and clear about how to take care of your future self;
  • You’ve solidified the skills you need to face circumstances that will trigger old urges;
  • You have a new sense of strength and courage to face whatever comes up in life;
  • You are living up to your full potential with purpose and meaning.

This deeply transformative program will serve you at the highest level if you…

  • Are growth-oriented and enjoy working on yourself;
  • Experienced either a Big Traumatic event in your childhood or early adulthood, or a series of smaller; relational traumas that left you feeling shaken in your confidence and lacking in support;
  • You know you have unfulfilled gifts that need to be expressed;
  • Have the courage to face your deepest fears so you can move beyond the places that have been keeping you stuck;
  • Want to finally feel at peace about yourself and your life;
  • Desire to heal beyond when you heal your own trauma, you are also healing future generations, as well as your ancestors. It’s a ripple effect—as everyone heals, the world becomes a more peaceful place where people take care of each other and treat each other better and better.

You deserve to feel loved, appreciated and accepted.

If you experienced childhood trauma that you believe is keeping you stuck in sexual addiction, I’d love to help you move beyond the pain, shame and guilt into a life you feel proud of!




When I began working with Dr. Eva I was a confluence of negative emotions. My sexual addiction was already “public knowledge,” I was more worried about my other emotional vulnerabilities that nobody knew about. I NEVER felt judged in our sessions. I felt a sense of peace and relief as she helped me reconstruct my past into something that wasn’t overwhelming. There was always a sense of accomplishment and peace at the end; that is what gave me the ability to work through things I never wanted to think about again, but somehow pervaded every aspect of my life. The most difficult struggle is the memories of the death and violence. My perspective has been shaped into something rational and healthy with our sessions.

~ J.T. (U.S. Army retired)

I want to thank Dr. Eva for her professionalism, but there is more to it than that. Her passion and talent for helping people can only be described as a unique gift that makes this world a better place. Not only has she helped me find a reason to live again, but she showed me that I can do it without being in perpetual pain. The gift of life is normally reserved for creation, but she was able to resuscitate the walking dead. I have a sense of meaning and direction now and am not subject to the constraints of hate and pain. My family thanks her for giving the their son and brother back. I thank her for giving me my life back.
Very respectfully and with my highest level of gratitude and respect,

~ J.T. (U.S. Army retired)

Dr. Malanowski is a gifted healer who understands the destructive cycle of traumatic stress. More important is her ability to connect with and influence the root causes of emotional trauma and eliminate the pain by empowering and strengthening the emotionally atrophied components of my “Inner Self” while reinforcing the core strengths that are necessary for a healthy and rewarding life. I thought that depression, anxiety, emotional pain and night terrors were simply a part of my life, but now I can reflect back on my experiences in a healthy way and not mask my pain with substance abuse and isolation. My pain is gone and I enjoy life without prescription medication or substance abuse. My hyper vigilance is gone and I can finally be the father and husband that I want to be. Dr. Malanowski gave me my life back!

– SGT. MAJ./USMC (ret.)

Dr. Eva Malanowski literally saved my life and as a result, the legacy of my family, not to mention their quality of life and well being. I met Dr. Eva at a very critical junction in my life, after many years of success intertwined with anger, fear and vices. By the time I met Dr. Eva I had been working my way out of the darkness for 3 years and was beat up and discouraged. Starting work with Dr. Eva was a transformational time. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick, but with her tremendous loving help and confidence in me I have been able to not only rebuild my life, but do something much better – I have built a life of connection, confidence and prosperity that I had never even imagined was possible.

~ JAMES, Boulder, CO, start-up entrepreneur