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The Five Storks

Signs Are Everywhere

I had a beautiful sign and insight recently on a hike near Grand Lake. I was asking for Guidance as to how to not let my energy be affected by outside influences. The hike was beautiful; there were wildflowers everywhere, but I was feeling frustrated and sad at the beginning, but I really did not want to mess up this experience so I was determined to change my vibes.

I was praying and asking for help. I kept seeing these beautiful wild roses, and my son was putting flowers in my hat to decorate it, which was super sweet. As I was thinking about the roses which I planned on drying and using in a painting I was working on, I got inspired to play a Polish song. I think it was a song from World War I that my grandmother would sing to me, “Paki białych róż.” The song is very emotionally stirring to me and it brings up memories of my grandmother and through her, my grandfather. I was playing it and singing it as we continued on the hike, trying in vain to get my companions to sing it, when I happened to look up above and I saw 5 storks flying overhead.

Now, if you know anything about Poland, you will know that the stork represents Poland and is a beloved bird there with many farmers putting up wheels on their barns to set up for stork nests. The stork also seems rather rare in Colorado. So it was quite a sign for me to see the storks and I felt the presence of my grandparents, speaking to me through the storks and the roses. I was inspired and uplifted.

My mood improved and everything around me became even more vibrant, even more lovely. My son was loving the hike, and wanting to return to it, which is not always the case with him!

Insights continued to flow in. One of the struggles I had early on in my spiritual journey was the juxtaposition of the idea that we create our own reality, with the terrible fate of my grandfather and because their lives were intertwined, my grandmother. There is much written about him in several books and in my own writing so I won’t go into it here, though I will provide a book to reference (“The Volunteer,” by Jack Fairweather. This is a book about his commander and it talks about him as well). Briefly he was a hero during WWII who put down his life so others could live in freedom and he was killed in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

What happened on the hike was that I received another layer of this insight. I realized that this step of laying down your life for others is so transcendent because we are transcending the reptilian parts of ourselves. Our reptilian ancient brain is programmed for pure pleasure and survival. It is all about sex, food and preserving your life no matter what. So when we are mainly driven by this brain it is very unlikely that we would ever act in a heroic way. But when we are able to step out of this way of thinking and see something beyond our comforts and physical selves a higher purpose stirs our heart. When this happens we are at that point operating from our pure humanness, this is why the hero laying his life down for others is such a huge leap in the evolution of our consciousness.

My grandfather took this leap totally aware of what he was doing. He was not an accidental hero as many are, but one who went in with his eyes and heart wide open. Thank you Grandfather Piotr for leading the way for others; thank you for showing me what our true self really is. I know your death was not in vain and that it was in your plan and that it provided you exactly the opportunity you were looking for. I will work with my grandmother’s ancestral patterns to help her see this, though I think she already does.

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