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Reaching Full Potential2019-02-14T12:24:45+00:00


We all have a specific life purpose that we are here to fulfill on earth.

When we are not living a life aligned with that purpose, we feel a sense that something is off, that something is wrong. We can tell that we are stuck and life does not flow.

We also have an innate force within us, what I term “life-force.” This life-force is determined to express itself. When growth occurs as it should, and adverse childhood experiences or traumas do not hamper it, we unfold as a growing plant would, until we are in full bloom, living up to our full potential.

But too often, something happens in our early development that causes us to get stuck. We get stuck when we are overwhelmed with fear and there is no one there to help us, no one to guide us through the fear to the other side. When we get stuck, we begin to build a protective shell around that soft inner emotional part of ourselves.

As we continue to grow up physically, but we continue to have frightful things happen that we do not receive support for, that shell around us gets thicker and more restricting. Although the shell was originally there to protect us, it is now keeping us from reaching our full potential.

This restriction feels painful because it is our nature to open up and unravel each leaf of our full potential. We are meant to stretch and grow. We are meant to face and overcome challenges so we can evolve to our next level of personal development. We are meant to be able to do things even though they feel scary, but we know they are the correct thing to do to reach our true potential. But it’s very difficult to do those scary things when we are missing that basic foundation of emotional maturity and when we are stuck deep within our shells.

Fortunately, now there is a process that can help us get unstuck from the pain, shame, and guilt of the past. My Trauma to Transformation program featuring Amate Growth Work heals the “stuck” places so we can finally blossom and grow.