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Learn From The Trees

On a recent trip to the Florida Keys I saw some very special trees. I have always loved trees.. They inspire me with their uniqueness and their sturdy strength. They are beings in themselves; I would often wonder when aliens land on earth, what would they think about our majestic trees. Would they see them as the Druids did, as Gods to worship? The more I study trees, the more amazing they are. They communicate with each other, have families, warn each other about danger coming and adjust their nutritional intake based on environmental circumstances. I love their peaceful stillness. They don’t bother anyone or harm anyone. They are the perfect example of interconnectedness.  They do a great service by providing housing for so many creatures and cleaning our air. They unfold from a small seed that is full of the blueprint of their potential. They stand tall and still.

Be Inspired by Trees

There is so much wonder and inspiration in nature. I want to inspire you to look to trees for an example of how to live and how to connect with others. Each tree is unique in its potential. The potential and special gifts of the tree reside in the seed, just like each one of us has a unique potential. The environment the seed finds itself determines how that potential is expressed, whether it is stunted or amplified, much like our environment determines how much of our potential we are able to express, at least until we are able to transcend that environment.

Accept Others in their Unique Expression

Accepting others in all of their uniqueness, yet seeing that they are us and we are them. Trees understand their interdependence and interconnection. They communicate through chemical signals sent through fungi. We also influence each other through our energy. Every encounter, every word, emotion, thought, touch has energy and effects and creates our interdependent world. Trees don’t hurt each other, but humans often do.

Please look to the examples of the trees, when we heal our childhood triggers (trumas) we can flow and let others be themselves and exist unhindered. Trees don’t try to control other trees; they only uplift them and help them and support them in reaching their full potential. What a beautiful example for us.

Be Giving as Part of Your Everyday Life

Trees give shelter to so many animals. They give their seeds, fruits and nuts. They provide shade for the weary traveler. Even when they fall their trunks provide home to mushrooms and critters. They are giving by nature. They do not question their giving–it is just part of who they are. Be giving in your everyday life and see how you grow and prosper as a result.

Small Unique Communities are the Future

Small unique communities, like individual groves of trees, are the wave of the future. These communities will be based on the values, beliefs and interest of the people in them. We will have much more choice as to how we want to live. There will no longer be a need to force people to comply to a cookie-cutter approach of being forced into a societal mold. We will be able to create and choose our unique communities and I suspect there will be an infinite amount of options of these creations, just as there appears to be an infinite amount of different groups of trees.

We are meant to be as unique as the trees and to let each other be-no need for everyone to be the same, to adhere to the same rules even. Can you accept others even when they have totally different beliefs than you? Just let them be?

Allow Your own Uniqueness

We are all unique expressions of the Divine, just like trees, some straight and narrow, some gnarled and twisted. Why are there so many varieties of trees? Why not? The Divine loves to express itself. Allow yourself to express, dance, sing, draw, paint.

I Can Help You Unfold in Your True Potential

My gift is seeing that potential that was in the seeds, perhaps not all of it expressed due to the environmental constraints. I can help you unfold beautifully to be the embodiment of the divine. I also see the future small communities movement unfolding. It has been a dream of mine to create such a community.

Nurture Your Children

Trees nurture their children. They can send them additional nutrients to help them withstand drought or beetle attacks, but they don’t have an agenda as far as how their children evolve. We can nurture our children to allow them to grow how they are meant to grow, without attachment of who they become as long as they are unfolding like the buds and leaves on a tree, as long as we provide them with a healthy environment, freedom, a place to explore and a place to let their roots sink into.

Find Time to be Still

We are more mobile, at least then trees appear to be, but we can learn from their stillness in our meditation time. Their roots deep in the soil, being still, connecting to the wind, the rain and the stars. Trees sway with the wind and glisten in the rain without complaint. Their leaves rustle and they nurture with fruit. Just being. Take time to be still, take time to breathe, take time to just be. Be like a tree.

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