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How to Cope With Being an Empath, First Steps

Finding out you are an Empath can bring you an initial sense of relief and a new identity. This knowledge finally brings you a sense of clarity about why you may have felt tired all the time, had such difficulty being around other people and seemed to feel emotions out of nowhere. You may feel validated that you are actually not crazy, but have a very special gift. But now what? What are you supposed to actually do to feel better?

The realization itself that what you are experiencing is not your own stuff is an important insight. You can use this by beginning to ask your Inner Guidance when you feel tired, upset or irritated, “is this my stuff?” Begin to learn to listen for the answer. You are an intuitive being, so use this gift! You may get a clear no, then what you can do is tune into the feeling and tell yourself, “this is not my stuff!” and breath it out. See yourself releasing it. There is a tapping process that I can teach you that helps even further. Beginning to discern between your stuff and that of your partner, parents, friends or just people that you pass by can be very helpful. Sometimes the simple distinction between what is your emotions and those of somebody else can release the energy out of your body.

Your beautiful Empath energy is your greatest gift, but just like a fancy sports car, it needs a lot of maintenance. You have to stay vigilant and on top of clearing your energy all the time. My article on micro check and micro adjustments will provide you with some useful information on this topic: 

Empaths often turn to food for comfort and build up a layer of protective fat around them. The fat feels like a buffer from the onslaught of emotions and sensations coming at you from all sides. An interesting tidbit I learned on my Empath journey is that psychic healers at the turn of the 20th century were very heavy women. This was on purpose. Having the fat padding was the only way that was known at that time to protect oneself from the illnesses and emotions of others.

There are much better ways to protect oneself then the fat. One simple technique is from “Earthing,” simply walk on the ground barefoot. Make sure there is some moisture on the grass or dirt you are walking on so that you can connect to the earth’s energy. The first time you practice Earthing do it for an hour and a half. You should find yourself feeling much more relaxed and at ease. After the initial time you may only need 15 minutes per day for maintenance. Putting your feet in a mountain stream or walking on the beach are great ways to practice Earthing as well.

Empaths thrive in nature so make sure you make time to be outdoors and get to a place away from the city as much as possible. When I feel overwhelmed by being around too many people just stepping outside and taking some deep breaths can help. Sitting in the woods for an extended period of time, also known as “forrest bathing,” is a practice that is even covered by health insurance in Japan as the health benefits are so significant.

Another simple to use tool is “heart centered breathing.” Imagine that you have a giant flower in the middle of you chest. It can be any color you like. The flower is 3-D coming out of all sides of your ribcage. Bring your mind down into your heart and imagine that you are breathing through the flower. On your in breath tell yourself that you are breathing in the “new,” on your out breath tell yourself that you are breathing out the “old.” Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Use your imagination to see the breath coming in and out through your heart. Continue the breathing until you feel relaxed. This exercise can be used anytime you feel you have taken on the energy of another person or place.

There are many other ways to manage your energy so that you can thrive instead of suffering. Continue to remind yourself that being an Empath is a gift and that you have a very important purpose here on earth. Your gifts are needed Dear One and I am here if you need help.  Please contact me for further guidance in clearing your energy and refining your gifts through Empath Coaching with Dr. Eva @ 303-242-7824, or I look forward to connecting with you:)

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