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How to Care for the Empath in Your Life, and Why is it Important?

Do you have someone in your family who either has told you or you suspect may be an Empath? I’m here to tell you that it is important to know how to properly care for these rare and magnificent creatures, and why putting the effort into understanding your Empath and nurturing them will be so beneficial to you and even the planet as a whole.

Now I will only go into what an Empath is and why they are here briefly; there is already so much written about the topic. An Empath is an especially sensitive being who feels and takes on the energy of other people, may be an energetic healer and is very sensitive in nature. Empaths feel the energy of one person, the energy of a group and even the energy of the whole collective of humans and the trials and tribulations they may be going through. When Empaths knowingly or unknowingly take on the energy of others it may make them feel very fatigued, weak and even sick over time. The heaviness and pain of taking on others’ emotions may be debilitating. It also may make the Empath feel like there is something “wrong with them.” Empaths may be very sensitive to sounds, smells and other stimuli. They may literally be thin skinned and have sensitive skin and have sensitivities to various smells. They may have great hearing and hear sounds others do not hear, but their hearing tends to be more sensitive to damage as well, so they have to be extra careful in protecting their hearing.

So if you have an Empath in your life it is very important to help them and support them as life on this planet can feel very hard and “dense” for them. Giving your Empath space and time to recharge and have quiet, without making them feel like it is weird or selfish for them to want this will allow them to recover after being around a lot of people or intense energy. Even when an Empath has just been by themselves, they may be feeling the collective impact of world events and people’s emotions and still need rest and quiet.

Empaths need nature so be sure to take them on peaceful walks in nature and take them away from the business of the city on a regular basis. Water and light will also help them heal. Some Empaths really thrive from swimming or soaking in hot springs. Make sure you have really great sources of clean water to drink and organic foods and supplements to eat. Moving to the country or the suburbs are also great options.

Before you start thinking that having an Empath in your life is a burden, consider the amazing gifts that Empaths bring into your life. Empaths act like the kidneys of the planet cleaning up negative energy. Empaths may be clearing the energy you have as well as that of your home. This energy clearing may be keeping you and your loved ones safer and freer of disease or negative emotions. Empaths help balance the climate and weather  where they live and some that have developed these abilities are able to influence the weather, for example make it rain. So having an Empath around can make for a much more pleasant experience in your life.

Encourage your Empath to learn more about themselves and how to protect and clear their energy on a regular basis. Empaths may have grown up feeling different from others; they may feel like they were weird and did not belong; they may have blamed themselves for being too sensitive and felt like something was wrong with them. They may have seen themselves as sickly or weak or like they were not able to be part of normal things. These feelings of being different may have even led to serious mental illness such as debilitating depression. When Empaths have found others like them and that the way they are is actually a gift, not a curse or a disease, it can feel very liberating and a big relief, so encourage your Empath to find an Empath community where they can join with others who are like them and learn about what makes them special, and how to manage their environment in a healthy way.

Empaths often have natural healing abilities. The healing abilities can be expanded on and developed with the right training and practice, thus increasing help and healing available to humanity. The ability the Empath has to feel the physical nature and the emotional nature of others can provide amazing diagnostic capabilities for the Empathic practitioner, so encourage your Empath to work on their natural talents and seek further books and study to expand on their natural abilities. Their bodies are like amazing instruments, but they need to be kept in great condition, trained and utilized to be effective in the healing arts, and learn how to not take on and clear the energy of others.

As the consciousness of humanity evolves I believe we will come to recognize and appreciate Empaths more and more. Kids will be recognized and taught in schools how to use their Empathic abilities and how to manage their energy and Empaths will be placed in prominent roles in society where we will see that thriving at their full potential actually makes our planet a much more balanced and thriving place.

Empaths help keep the peace. The energy of a well balanced Empath helps to increase the vibration of a whole area of people, thus leading to more harmonious and peaceful communities. Helping Empaths thrive increases their ability to create this balanced harmonious space.

I hope you see that helping these special individuals step into and understand their true nature will not only help them find their true purpose, joy and expression but also bring many benefits to you and your community as a whole. It seems to me that when Empath’s thrive, we all thrive, so helping Empthats reach their true potential is a mission in itself.

With love & light,

Dr. Eva

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