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How to Approach Personal Transformation

Approaching Personal Transformation.

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

I hope that you are finding some time to pause and enjoy this special time of year, though I know for many of you, myself included, it has been a year of upheaval, change, and stress. And for others, it has been a year of hardship or loneliness. I do hope that you see the light and the hope among all of the challenges and changes. I very much believe, as I have said through the year, that this is a year of great opportunity as well.

What is that opportunity? It is an opportunity for personal transformation on a global scale, and when enough of a shift in individual consciousness occurs, well then a global change in consciousness is inevitable. We are the ones we have been waiting for! We are the ones who can create the heaven on earth that this special season represents to many of us.

How do we do this? Through examining our own hearts, through sitting quietly with ourselves and understanding who we are, in both our strengths and our shortcomings. It is through seeing the mirroring of what is going on inside of us in our relationships with others and the reality that we have created for ourselves. It is through not being afraid to really look at that reality, and if we don’t like it to look deep within to see what it is in us that we need to change. And then taking the necessary steps, one by one to make that change, and when we mess up to start again, never giving up.

We are indeed powerful creators, and we are quite capable of creating the world that we truly want to live in. A world that I see as being filled with caring for one another, not forgetting our weakest members, continuously striving to understand the perspective of others, rather than dismissing them or shunning them because they think differently than we do, and above all having compassion. A deep, loving beautiful compassion for all of humankind, and for the Earth that we dwell on. May that spirit of Christ Consciousness fill your hearts and radiate love to the world, to your loved ones, and to yourselves.

With love & blessings,


Dr. Eva

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