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How Do You Know Which Anxiety Disorders You Have

Feeling anxious now and then is normal. Though, it is very different in anxiety disorders. These disorders are a group of mental illnesses that have the ability to disrupt normal life, and cause a lot of distress to the people diagnosed with it.

While there are several different treatments, hypnosis therapy for anxiety in Boulder, Colorado is quite effective in combating disabling worry and fear that are omnipresent in people with anxiety disorders. However, before beginning searching for anxiety therapists in Boulder, you may want to figure out which type of anxiety disorder you have.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

It is prudent to remember that some of the symptoms across anxiety disorders are common, but each type is characterized by its own set of symptoms that allow therapists to diagnose the disorder.

Here are some types of anxiety disorders and their unique features:

  • Agoraphobia: A person is fearful of being trapped, embarrassed, and helpless; and hence, they avoid places and situation that might bring their fears to the forefront.
  • Anxiety Disorder Due to a Medical Condition: You can even get extreme anxiety due to a health condition. Here, a person experiences symptoms of panic and intense anxiety.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder: The person experiences extreme and persistent anxiety, and also excessively worries about normal and routine issues. This worry is difficult for the person to control. This type of anxiety disorder is often present with other anxiety disorders and/or depression.
  • Panic Disorder: A person gets repeated episodes of extreme fear, anxiety, and terror. These episodes are known as panic attacks. During an episode, the person may experience tightening of the chest, shortness of breath, and palpitations of the heart. In addition, a person feels as if something really bad is about to happen.
  • Selective Mutism: This anxiety disorder is common in children, and will see them not being able to speak in specific situations. Usually, the child will be unable to utter a word, but will have a normal speech at home, with family and friends.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder: Also known as social phobia, this disorder is characterized by extreme levels of fear and anxiety in social settings. The person believes that others will view them negatively, and hence, avoids all forms of social settings.

The Bottom Line

There are many more types of anxiety disorders, and understanding the symptoms and triggers will allow you to ascertain the type you have. If you suffer from anxiety, it is best to consult Dr. Eva A. Malanowski who will rule out an underlying health condition. Dr. Eva A. Malanowski is one of the best anxiety therapists in Boulder who will use tools and tests to diagnose the disorder, and plan a way to treat it. It has been observed that hypnosis therapy for anxiety in Boulder, Colorado can help people diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Waste no time and schedule an appointment with Dr. Eva A. Malanowski today. Call Dr. Eva at 303-242-7824.

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