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Healing Emotional Trauma that Has Held You Back from the Life You Want through Amate Growth Work

Is this finally the year that you heal the emotional trauma that is holding you back from living the life that you want? Is this the year that you finally do the work required in getting “unstuck” from the emotional trauma that derails you every time you make progress.

There is a lot of talk at the beginning of the year about setting goals and making New Year’s resolutions. Many partake in this ritual only to abandon those goals, months, weeks or even days later. What happens to all these well intentioned endeavors? The problem is that subconscious pattern of unresolved emotional  trauma rears its monstrous head and sabotages us. Healing emotional trauma is the key to transformation.

Unresolved Emotional Trauma

Unresolved emotional trauma will sabotage our New Year’s resolutions at every turn. We hear that voice of self-doubt telling us that we don’t really deserve to have what we want. That voice tells us that we are not good enough to get this done. We get that feeling that we are small, insignificant and unworthy. We may also pick goals that are not in line with what we know deep down is our mission.  So we sabotage ourselves  and get in our own way at every turn. Procrastination and excuses creep in. That insidious voice of self-doubt will remind us of all the times that we have failed in the past.  What we are experiencing are defense mechanisms that keep us from looking at what is really wrong.

Looking at what the origin of that voice is can feel kind of scary. It may seem like even if we did discover or already know what the problem is nothing will help us anyway. We stay stuck; living in our protective shells, making excuses. Until we finally realize that healing  emotional trauma is the key to getting “unstuck.”

Uncovering the Emotional Trauma Leads to Opportunity

Although those events in our lives that lurk in the shadows of our subconscious mind may be the last places we want to go mucking about in, there is great opportunity for us when we do. When we realize that we can learn to help our little Inner Self grow up and reach Emotional Maturity there is great hope that we can finally heal and have the courage to be living the life of our dreams.

What is holding us back are the experiences where we did not feel loved and secure enough to go on. We felt afraid and there was no one there to help. When we realize that the experiences we found to be scary as children or adolescents are what are holding us back, we can see a clear path to getting to where we want to be. Healing the emotional traumas is the path!

Other People’s Expectations, Other People’s Goals

As we go through the process of healing, as we look back through our history, we realize that the goals that we had set out for ourselves may have been other people’s goals, perhaps they were our father’s or mother’s goals. We have adopted general societal expectations:  getting married, having a career, having children. We may never have wanted these things, but we saw the societal prescription for success, we saw the happy faces in magazines or on Instagram and so we signed up. Year after year having the same resolutions, perhaps meeting some or all of them even, yet still having that empty feeling that something is off, that something is not right. We were always looking for something outside of ourselves to heal us.

We may also be hearing  that voice inside of us that tells us that what we truly want will never work. Perhaps you always loved music and deep down you wanted to be composing the music that you heard in our head, but you hear the voice of your father that you could never make a living doing what you love.  (Check out my article on “Becoming an Effective Father,” by clicking here  Maybe you dreamed of exploring the natural world, but you felt that you had to do something else if you wanted to have a family. You wanted to be an alternative healer, but the voice of self-doubt told you to get a “real job.” You abandoned what you truly wanted to do and did what you thought you “should do.”

Healing Trauma Leads to a Solid Foundation

In Amate Growth Work, you will not only heal the emotional trauma, you will learn how the healing process works. Learning how to heal yourself will provide you with an incredible sense of mastery and confidence. You will realize that no matter what obstacles come your way, you will know how to overcome them. You will realize that it was never about figuring out who to trust “out there,” it is about knowing you can trust yourself to take care of you.

From a Solid Foundation We Learn to Listen to our Inner Guidance

Healing our Inner Self, that little boy or girl inside of us, is the foundation of Amate Growth Work. You will begin to feel more confident about heading out into the world and taking the emotional risks that will get us out of our shell. You will venture out ready to do what it takes to live at peace with our mission.

Complete Transformation through Amate Growth Work

Amate Growth Work is a program of complete transformation. It provides the solid foundation that we need in order to finally go out and take emotional risks.   We take emotional risks and we are living the life we were meant to live. We are finally able to keep our New Year’s resolutions! Better yet, we realize that every day is an opportunity to go after our goals. We begin to trust our intuition so that we are truly living according to our Inner Guidance. We start to live in a way  that feels right, that feels correct to us. On this path we are living in a state of peace. We are at peace because we know we are living our mission.

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