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Happy New Year 2023

It is always exciting to begin a new year. It feels like a fresh clean slate is in front of you and the world is filled with possibilities! It provides a reset. Of course this is a mental exercise because any point can be a reset and a new start, we just have to make that decision in our minds and in our hearts.

Clearing Out the Clutter-One Space at a Time

Something I started before the new year is a little organization project where I organize one area everyday. Here is how it works:  I pick any area to organize each day. My goal is 5 out of 7 days a week I get the project done; that gives me a little buffer for those days when I am traveling or too busy, but I have found that I tend to do it most days out of the week. The area I choose can be tiny one, like a decorative tray or it can be a big project like the craft bin. I can stop after one project, or I can keep going! I find it very satisfying to get the project done and it often spurs the momentum to keep going. There is an energy momentum that develops if you just keep moving and it starts to feel really good. Some days I get to that place, some days I don’t and that’s OK too. 

To List or Not to List?

Now you could make a list of all the places that need to be organized before you start and think about how many days it would take to get it all done or you can just get started! This time I have chosen to just get started, as the number of areas seemed daunting at first so I thought it would be better just to go for it. After I get more places done, I may take an inventory. Now you can do general organizing and you can also do micro-organizing of tiny places. I find that places have to be re-organized after a while, even if you have done them before, but it should be easier than the first time. There is a deep satisfaction in purging the old and seeing the new spaces shine! 

Where to Start?

As far as what areas to start with, I just use my Inner Guidance to point me in the right direction. Usually there is an area just crying out for help or an area that is driving you crazy. For example if all your hats fall down on your head every time you go to pull one down, then that may be a great place to start, so that you no longer have this distraction every time you try to head out the door. 

As you work on the projects you may do more planning and get more inspiration as to how you want your spaces to look. Ask your spaces questions:  What do you need to function well? Do I really need to keep this item? What would happen if I let this go? See what feelings come up. Our things may have a lot of emotions tied to them? How did I acquire all these things? What do they mean to me? As you continue to do one project each day you may find that you want to tackle bigger issues and that you see more potential in your life and in your house.

Check out the wealth of free resources from my friend and professional home organizer Pam Holland. Like to listen?  Check out Pam’s youtube channel here:  More of a reader?  Check out Pam’s award winning mindful blog at:

Track Your Goal Visually

I would also encourage you to create a chart and track each day that you have made progress. It is deeply satisfying to see all the checkmarks, not to mention the progress you have made in your home. You will be surprised at how quickly things start to feel better, more clean and organized. 

Goals that are Totally Under My Control

Cleaning and organizing an area of your home each day is a great example of a goal that you are in control of. I love creating visions and affirmations and knowing that I am supported by my Universe, but it is also great to have goals that you don’t have to wait for and you can do yourself no matter what. Out of accomplishing these goals you will also find that the energy you create puts you in the vibrational state where you are also aligned with your vision and your manifestations just start coming in! 

Turn on Your Mindset

As you are doing your organization projects, be sure to bring your mindset on board to maximize your impact. Say statements to yourself such as: “I am a very organized person,” “my home is neat clean and organized,” “I’m somebody that really gets things done,” “I love to organize and I’m very good at it!” At first you may feel like you are just repeating rote phrases, but if you keep it up there will be a moment–when you hit the sweet spot and suddenly it will start feeling real juicy and good and you will actually start to feel like this is your new reality!

Hoarding and Overshopping are Symptoms of Trauma

So let’s get started together. Let me know how you are doing and if you need any kind of extra motivation. There is a link between mess and clutter and trauma, and shopping and hoarding can be types of addictions, where things fill the empty spaces where our self is fragmented, so if you find that you need more help than just some inspiration, then please reach out and we can talk. 

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