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Growing Your Consciousness

– Mapping Your CONSCIOUSNESS to

discover your BEST self –

I want to introduce you today to the teachings of a great master who had a profound impact on the growth of my consciousness:  Dr. Hawkins. He is the creator of the Map of Consciousness. Understanding this map can transform your life and business. In this article I will cover:

  • How the energy you exude either repels or attracts people and business from you- this is your level (or your field) of consciousness.

  • Specific strategies you can implement now to change your level of consciousness and thus increase your vibration.

  • Pitfalls to avoid in your life that will bring down your level of consciousness.

  • How a “big block” can keep you from being able to achieve what you want in life.

Dr. Hawkins developed an exponential scale of the ladder to enlightenment. It is the most comprehensive system of how to get there that I’ve seen. At the bottom is the level of “Shame” and at the top “Enlightenment.” He also developed a guide to transcending the levels of consciousness and moving to the next level; even a few points up the scale is huge progress because the scale is exponential.

Prior to studying Dr. Hawkins and releasing serious blocks that were holding me back, I remember being alone in my living room yelling at a well-known TV commentator because his smug and know-it-all nature made me so mad! I mean, I was yelling at the TV! It’s not like the guy could hear me☺

I know you’re on a journey of progress in your business and personal life. You may know about the law of attraction, but if you’re not in the field of consciousness at the level of 200 or above (levels such as courage, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy peace or enlightenment), you will be working very hard and not getting anywhere.

Here are a few simple techniques you can use everyday to increase your level of consciousness:

1.  Meditate.

Create a daily routine that includes meditation or contemplation (read about my “Golden Morning Routine“).

Watch the phosphenes (little specks) in your eyes float by.

Watch your thoughts float by like goldfish in a bowl- you are the water, not the goldfish. While meditating, focus on being the observer, not the observed. Remember that you are pure consciousness!

2. Focus on the intrinsic beauty of all that exists.

The quality of that which you are brings to you that which is needed. So, don’t try to learn how to love, BE LOVE, just like a doggie or kitty who are at a constant level of love. By being in the field you want to be, you increase the probability of something you’re waiting for happening.

Also, focus on experiencing JOY in your present existence. For example, you can have money or not have money– joy is not from something that is out there!

3. Hold in mind what you want! Prayer is intention.

Hold the intention in mind, without attachment or desire, and then let it go- this will increase the probability of it happening. The source is Self with a capital S, not something out there- thinking it is “out there”  creates duality.

4. Monitor the tape playing (the ego’s interpretation of events).

The critical voice in your head is not actually what is happening. We write critical stories in our head that create a problem.

First, give up the stories. Then, give up the paragraphs. Finally, don’t complete the sentences. These meaningless narratives are not from you, but are a function of the field you’re in!

5. Keep holy company in everything you do!  

 At age 13, I was surrounded by dark books, movies, cemeteries, drugs, dark clothes, and dark music (music has a vibration and a level of consciousness). My field was keeping me stuck, drawing to me dark things at the level of depression. Be careful what and who you expose yourself to!

What you can do to change your vibration:

Each of your negative feelings is hooked in with the others. Not one of these thoughts exists alone. The Ego loves to juice negativity because without negativity, it doesn’t survive.

You get secret payoff from ego (for example, for hating your mother in law); the payoff has an energy, and negativity breeds negativity.  Those who are more sophisticated repress the payoff, but the ego is still there keeping you stuck. For me, the secret payoff of staying depressed, was that I didn’t have to do that much, I could be left alone, and I didn’t have to live up to my potential.

Ego is narcissistic at its core- it wants to convince you that it is the source of LIFE (that it is God), and that without it you will not survive. But, this is an illusion.

Let go of the payoff of being stuck- that’s how you transcend the levels!

Let’s look at what your “big block” might be:

The Conscious vs/ Subconscious…
90% of the problem lies in thesubconscious mind. Your mind is like an iceberg (only the tip is known), and the rest is the submerged subconscious.

Remember the story of me yelling at the TV commentator? Through doing the deep work necessary to release blocks, I was able to see that I was actually angry at the projection of my father onto the TV personality. Once I resolved this block, suddenly I became a fan of the man and saw how funny and witty he actually was!

You are basically made up of two parts: your Conscious Mind and your Subconscious Mind. You can also think of this as your head and your heart, your thoughts and your intuition, or your present and past. There is a part of you that is invisible or only partly visible to you. You can also think of this as your Adult Self and your Child Self.

If one of these is out of alignment with the other, then you’ll feel stuck. Life will feel like an uphill battle, things won’t work out, you’ll feel stress and anxiety. If both of these ARE in alignment, then things will flow magically in your life. You will experience synchronicity, good things will come quickly- you will feel in the flow.

You can take care of your INNER SELF by clearing Unconscious Programming.  It is critical that you understand the ROOT cause of your stress and anxiety to avoid repetitive, self-sabotaging behaviors.

A good rule of thumb is if you’re still bothered by an event that happened more than 18 months ago and having unpleasant flashbacks or memories that bring guilt, sadness, anger, or shame (negative feelings that you’re actively trying to push away as they come up), then more work needs to be done.

Let’s say you were 10 years old and you were proud of your report card (all A’s and one B +), but you came home and showed your dad and he tore it up because of that B+. You might not realize that this negative experience still lives in your subconscious mind and has programmed you to react negatively to any imperfection or mistake that you make. Traumas like this can be a common source of present stress and anxiety.

What is your big block that is holding you back from going to the next level? What is your intention? Where do you want to be in your state of consciousness? What are the next steps for your life? Take responsibility for your life and take the next step.  Remember that one hour of inner work is worth 7 hours of outer work! You’ll be surprised how much more productive you are if you just take the time to re-calibrate yourself rather than continuing in a state of anxiety or frustration/anger. Your subconscious programming does NOT need to sabotage your best intentions to change!

Contact me today to schedule your “Big Block Discovery Session” to discover the unconscious blocks that are really keeping you stuck. Contact me @ 303-242-7824,

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