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Why is it so important to get Crystal Clear on Your Vision?

We are in a time of great change in the world! Which is super exciting! All the old systems are being challenged and thrown into upheaval as if the systems of the world were a bunch of blocks set up on a blanket. God came along, took the blanket, and shook it out. All the blocks go flying up in the air. We see them up in the air and we know when they land they will be all over the place. And who will put them back together?


But this is where it is so important to get clear in what you want, in what you desire, in how you want our world to look, as you will be the architect of what comes next.

Now each of us is unique, and has unique talents, gifts, thoughts, and ideas that we have brought with us into this life, and that we have honed in this life and that we want to express in this life!

The notion that the systems will change and have been changing, I am quite sure! What comes next, I am not.

Do you want to be a part of what happens next? Or do you want someone else to be making the decisions for you? Have you always had ideas of how life would be if you were King of the World and you got to decide? Well, there has never been a greater opportunity to create the future than NOW!

The systems have been rigid, many in place for hundreds of years! Some in place for thousands! When they have been rigid and in place, it is very difficult to change them!

But now that they are all shaking, even crumbling, some we already see falling apart right in front of our eyes, is the time when they will be fluid so like an artist you will be able to create!

For some, this will be a very frightening and confusing time. But not you if you realize the immense opportunity that is being presented here, then you will get excited!!!

What systems are we talking about here: our way of being governed, our educational systems, our health care system, our financial systems, our justice systems, our religious systems, the way that we work, the way we relate to our natural world, the way we travel.  We have already seen so much upheaval and change and challenges, and we went through a PAUSE. The pause gave us a chance to catch our breath, but don’t be fooled the big upheavals are yet to come.

Fear is our natural human response to change, we have been conditioned to fear change and to feel ourselves reacting or constricting and hiding.

But there is a much more exciting and empowering way to handle massive change. It is to see the immense opportunity.

A once-in-a-lifetime,

Once in many generation’s time,

to actually create our world, our life the way we have always truly wanted it to be!

So I invite you to become the ARCHITECT of YOUR DESTINY! I invite you to be the architect of your life.

Let me help you create your vision. Join me in this unique on-line event where you get “CRYSTAL CLEAR” on the VISION of your creation here on earth.

Those of you who are entrepreneurs, who are visionaries, self-made men and women, or those who aspire to be this way, will immensely benefit from this opportunity to GET CLEAR on YOUR VALUES – what matters most to you.

What inspires you?

What is in your heart and soul to create?

What is the purpose of your soul’s journey here on Earth?

Who are you supposed to help?

What systems and organizations are you here to transform?

Don’t get left behind! Don’t give your power to others to create things for you! Take the reins of your life into your own hands and create your own reality.

Create the visionary blue-print for your life of true joy, abundance, and peace.

Join me in this FREE online event, CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION workshop. Where you will receive the blueprint for creating the vision you want to live. The vision that will keep you motivated, and excited, the vision that will be your contribution to the NEW EARTH we are here to create.

Maybe you don’t even know where to start? What are you here for? What institutions if any are you here to transform? You may not have any idea, and simply feel confused and lost. I was there once, so I know how you feel. But through much Inner Work, meditation, prayer, and various processes of discovery, I have developed short-cuts that I wish had been there for me in figuring my place here.

Why am I here? What am I doing on this planet? 

These questions once haunted me, but now the answers come to me and they are much more clear. I am creating, I am making good choices, and receiving the clarity and strength of purpose that I had always been seeking. And now I want to make this vision much more clear for you! I want to make the process much shorter, not the years and years of experience that it took me to.

Email me at to save your spot in this workshop!

And if you are truly ready to take a Deep Dive into your life purpose, you need to sign up for the “Crystallize Your Vision Retreat”

Love & blessings,


Dr. Eva


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