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For Empaths: Learning to Return to Yourself

For empaths the desire to merge with others is sometimes irresistible, but it is very important for us to have the ability to returning back into ourselves. 

As an Empath have you ever felt your energy wanting to leave your body in order to connect with another person? Do you ever use your energy to “feel” the energy of another person by coming out of your own body and into theirs to see what is going on with them? I can almost literally see the energy coming out like smoke and even having “feelers.”

For Empaths when we connect with another person there can be a real pull to be part of that  person, to literally merge your energy with theirs. Some describe it as a magnetic pull. Have you ever experienced this sensation? 

We often want to help others, to heal others and to feel that amazing feeling of total connection. Through this connection we can easily lose ourselves though merging with the energy of others. Our energy is like light; it can be collapsed into a particle or flow like a wave. Sometimes when we connect too much we lose our flow or the wave has collapsed into a sticky mess that we did not want.

Some Empaths get addicted to the feeling of connection with another. It can feel amazingly good when all is well. However, where there is conflict or the other person is not feeling our vibe, feeling sick or filled with negative emotions, boy can it feel bad! Then the energy of the other person can really bring us down and even make us feel sick and rundown and almost unable to function. We can feel the pain on a deep physical level and it can disable our energy. 

Living at the mercy of the energy of others can be very debilitating to the energy of the Empath.

That is why it is so important to understand this process and to be able to know how to call our energy back.  

Returning to your own frequency

First it is important to understand what has happened to us, that the energy is not ours and that we have made choices with our energy to feel this unpleasant way. 

Sit still and just notice what is going on with you. Asking the questions:  is this my stuff? Am I creating this? Was I trying to feel the energy of someone else? Was I so excited for connection that I merged with the energy of someone else? Try writing out your questions and answers. The act of writing can bring us a lot of clarity. Notice when you begin to feel the energy in yourself shifting. What happened right before that? Knowing yourself as an Empath is so vital because noticing the subtle energies and what you are doing with them is so important in being able to finally manage your life as an Empath in a successful manner.

Another method is to sit and feel layers of tension melting. Notice the layers of tension and just breath. With each breath release a layer of tension and notice how that feels. Continue to release the tension until you feel totally relaxed. 

The Thymic Thump exercise can really help us return to our body. Here is a link to how to do it (put link here, I sent the video to you and we could embed it in my you tube channel )


Grounding is another great way to connect back into yourself. (link to grounding I have a description of it in one of my blogs)

Anchoring into the earth. Similar to grounding, but feel roots coming out of the bottom of your feet, or your root chakra and connecting to the energy of the core of the earth. 

Return into yourself by breathing, and connecting to your core body. Return to your peace using your breath, breathing, slow, deep breaths, in through your nose, very slowly, and then deeply out through your mouth until all the breath is out and continuing this breathing pattern until calm is reached again. This breathing exercise is very effective. Keep using it until you reach a calm state. 

Not stepping out of your energetic body to melt with somebody else. When you start feeling that pull, practice returning into your own body. Literally call your energy back and compose yourself. Then use that energy to create the life you want to create, which will naturally attract everything you want.  You will be in the vibrational field you want to be in and feel good in. Learn to control when you merge and when you don’t merge. Connect first to Source/Spirit/God, then to yourself, and only then to others.This sequence will help you not lose yourself and maintain your feeling of safety and security. Practice your poise and everything will follow from that space. 

Quieting looping and intrusive thoughts. Notice when your mind begins to loop in repetitions of anxiety, fear and anger or just ruminating over solutions. This kind of thinking is counterproductive and will not solve anything. Write your thoughts out on paper if you need to and put a stop to them. You are not your thoughts, and they are not you and you are perfectly capable of getting a hold of them and managing them. 

Return to yourself when you get overly excited. There is a vibration of an overly excited nature that can actually create chaos in your life. Have you ever noticed this? You may be very excited that you feel differently that your vibration is increasing, but there is a bit of chaos to this vibration; there is too much excitement; it has a frenzied feel and energy. It is important to notice this chaotic energy and return to yourself yet again. Compose your energy and regroup so that you do not start creating chaos in your life. 

One of your best tools is to return to the present moment and live and breath in the present moment. Do not let yourself to get preoccupied and worried about the future or living in the past. Notice if you are “squirrling” and getting distracted by every little thing, chasing after nuts!. Be poised, focus on what you are doing to return to yourself. 

As you really get to know yourself and your energy you will become more and more disciplined with it and get better and better results. You may notice very quickly how much better you feel and how good it feels to be in charge of your energy, to be yourself, to love yourself. I have come to see that your most important work as an empath is to keep yourself and your energy clean and clear and beautiful!

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