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Join for our September Transformational Journey: Ancestral Trauma: Ending the Cycles, and Removing the Blocks to Health, Wealth, and Vitality.

We all have ancestors, on this journey we will connect with ancestors.

Our ancestors have gone through the same cycles over and over again over the generations

In this journey, you will be shown possible ancestral cycles that may be impacting your life today. Instead of being doomed to repeat these cycles over, and over, again we can help our ancestors to heal. We can be shown by our ancestors what we can heal inside of ourselves. This can remove the blocks to our health, wealth and vitality.

At times I have found the blocks that have held back generations and generations are actually surprisingly easy to resolve. Let’s dive into the quantum leap together and let’s see together with your ancestors how you can be transported to the next level in reaching your true happiness by resolving those blocks from the past.

September 21st from 10:00-12:00 PM MST on zoom.

Please join me for a Magical Journey. Our September journey will take us into the Quantum Realm where we will tap connecting with our ancestors to end the cycles and remove blocks to health, wealth and vitality.

During our time together I will lead you through a set of exercises that will enable you to go into a deeply relaxed state. You should have a place to recline where you can still hear my voice.

Then I will lead you to a special place in the quantum realm where you can tap into the power of your Spiritual Support Team.

We go to the level of the soul.

During the Transformational Journey experience you will:

  • Experience deep relaxation.

  • Explore your life purpose!

  • Make progress towards your emotional healing journey.

  • Connect with like-minded people who become your friends and community.

  • Feel more inspired in your business and work.

Learn how to tune into the vibration you want to manifest from, where all you want is already there!

A special place and time that is set aside just for you in the comfort of your home!

September 21st from 10:00-12:00 PM MST on zoom.

Have a place where you can recline or lay down and still hear my voice.

Wear comfortable clothing and have a blanket and pillow with you.

Please don’t drive a vehicle or operate machinery during this session!

We will meet on zoom!

Only $47 please Venmo me: @Eva-Malanowski

You will receive your zoom link by email.

We will be doing one Transformational Guided Journey per month. Each journey will be unique. If you have special requests or ideas please let me know.

My gift is helping you see and bring out your best self!

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