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“Crystallize Your Vision”

Create the Blueprint for the Life you Always Wanted

4 Days & 3 Nights Retreat

April 15-18, 2021

With Dr. Eva A. Malanowski, Psy.D. & Sea Marie

Dao House in Estes Park, CO

Has 2020 left you been feeling confused, alone, and unsure about how to proceed in business and life? Are you waking up at 3 A.M. feeling anxious about your business? Do you worry you are not present enough with your partner or your kids, because you are pre-occupied with worry?

Do you felt disengaged from a community of like-minded people?

Is anxiety and fear blocking you from expressing your unique gifts and living the life of purpose and meaning you desire?

You are not alone!

Jump off the hamster wheel and give yourself the time you deserve to redesign how your life is lived. It is very difficult to create your vision in the midst of chaos. Here you will find stillness and peace and a place filled with Divine Energy. Restore your mind and body in an atmosphere that brings clarity and connection to your true life purpose. You will come away with a clear vision for your future feeling inspired, hopeful, and enthusiastic, ready to transform your business and relationships!

We believe in you and that your unique vision can be brought into manifestation!

In this retreat, you will:  

  • Get clarity on what is truly important to you and create a blueprint for the next 90 days of your life.
  • Develop a deeper connection to your spiritual gifts so that you can make a meaningful impact on the world you live in, and create your legacy. 
  • Identify and release blocks and have the tools to navigate challenges and difficulties that crop up.
  • Engage in powerful guided spiritual journeys, stretch your mind and body as you practice yoga led by a world-class instructor, and explore the creation of a deeply meaningful life.
  • Discover the subconscious blocks and learn how to remove and release to make way for your bigger vision and dream to come into manifestation/realization.
  • Explore the natural environment and its rejuvenating power, participate in Yoga & Tai Chi & enjoy healthy local organic food and a crisp, clean rustic environment!

Join us to create a community of like-minded and like-spirited seekers on a journey to live a life of meaning, purpose, and contribution in the pure air of the Rocky Mountains right at the foot of Longs Peak near Estes Park, Colorado. The energy is powerful here, which is perfect for connecting to your natural divinity as you are called to create something beyond what you ever imagined possible.

We will spend time doing powerful guided spiritual journeys which open you to your quantum manifesting power.

We will enjoy healthy local organic food and a crisp, clean rustic environment. We will hike on the grounds (weather permitting). You will participate in yoga and Tai Chi and have time for quiet reflection.  In the evening we will spend time in the community room around a cozy fire, sipping tea, eating chocolate, and talking about the day’s experiences.

Hear what others had to say after past retreats: 

– What an amazing experience Eva brought to my life! She dreamed up a whole world that was always there for me to go, get to know myself, heal and melt blocks, blocks such as guilt, fear, embarrassment, and old useless beliefs, just melted away. I grew so much, allowing me to go and live my life with ease and stop living a mundane life. Instead, I am living my life of luxury! Thank you Eva and this beautiful group for being my army of Angels that protect me and teach me and help me do my very best in my business and relationships! —Yanina Dobarro, entrepreneur, Aspen, CO 
– Dear Eva, Congratulations on this fabulous retreat! Your Guided Journeys are so beautiful! I experienced deep relaxation and profound life transformation. The space for this event was just perfect. —Gabby, entrepreneur Portland, OR
Shannon left a draining job to live in her dream location, where she is working as a spiritual coach, her ideal job.
Dave got clarity on how he wanted to spend his retirement.
Linda got the courage to reconnect to her true love!
Your vision and your true purposeful life are waiting for you!

Email Dr. Eva A. Malanowski @  to register.

All-Inclusive Package:

–          Locally grown healthy food!

–          Overnight accommodations for three nights

–          Any service charge and taxes (included in the below price)

–          Yoga and Tai chi

–          Hot water and tea service in our lobby and healthy snacks in the evenings

–          Use of our onsite trails and amenities for activities and hiking

For Early Bird Prices!  Please register by March 21st, 2021.

Single Double
4 Day & 3Night $1197.00 $997.00

Prices after March 21st, 2021. Please register by March 26st to ensure availability!

Single Double
4 Day & 3 Night $1297.00 $1097.00

**Venmo Preferred Payment Method** Send Venmo Payment to @Eva-Malanowski.

A payment plan is available! Pay $ 697.00 by March 21st to hold your spot, and the second payment of $697.00 by April 10th.

*Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated.*  Please let us know ahead of time what your special needs are.

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