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Emotionally Stuck Treatments in Aspen, CO

Emotional Stuck Treatment in Aspen, CO


The emotionally stuck person grows up physically and mentally, but inside, they remain a little child. For example, if you had a painful event happen at age 5, and you did not receive the love and support you needed to process this event in a healthy way, you may still be reacting to the world as a 5-year-old would.

Anyone can become emotionally stuck as a result of traumas they experienced or parenting they received. Regardless of the root cause; being emotionally stuck will affect every area of your life including: relationships, physical health, mental health, your career and your finances.

Let’s look at how someone becomes emotionally stuck…

The determining factor to whether we reach emotional maturity or get emotionally stuck is found during times perceived as scary—in other words during traumatic experiences. Did we receive the love and support we needed to continue to grow emotionally through these traumatic experiences? If not, we begin to develop a shell around our emotional self that might initially feel protective, but as we get biologically older, the shell becomes more and more confining.

What it’s like to be an emotionally stuck adult?

People who are emotionally stuck are not in touch with their own “Inner Guidance”, so they tend to compare themselves to others to try to figure out what it means to be an adult, a parent, a spouse or a co-worker. Through this comparison, they may realize that there is something not quite right about them— that they have a difficulty coping with situations that should be easily coped with.

However mimicking the behavior of others is not very effective. What we see in the media and in popular culture does not encourage emotional development and emotional maturity. In fact, what’s often portrayed in popular culture as “the ideal” is actually emotionally immature!

Beyond comparison, being emotionally stuck leads to painful life experiences, because you will continually be triggered by situations in your present life that lead you to feel as you did when you were a child. Because it is the little child inside being triggered and reacting from their pain body; the emotional reactions you have are exponentially greater than what is actually happening in your current life. You may feel abandoned, rejected or overly emotional all over again.

We can stay emotionally stuck until “something” wakes up us that compels us to seek help. I call this something your “LIFE-FORCE”.

If you feel stuck, lost, have difficulty coping with daily life and you think you could be “Emotionally Stuck”, the best way to deal with this pain is to seek help.

There are several ways I help my clients leave that regressed state and reach emotional maturity to live happy and fulfilled lives. If you are ready to stop the pain of being emotionally stuck, I would love to support you.

If you’re ready to end the cycle of pain from past traumas, reach emotional sobriety and live the life you deserve, I would love to support you.

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