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Creating From The Inside Out

One Hour of Inner Work Equals Seven Hours of Outer Work

It has been said that one hour of inner work is worth seven hours of outer work.  Inner work is the process of using our imagination, thoughts and feelings to evoke a vision of what we want in our life. Sports psychology has utilized the power of visualization since the 1970s and many use it in the world of business. Creating what we want on the inside is an almost effortless, much more pleasant, creative and effective way to get the life you want. The most successful people in the world spend many hours visualizing their success and fixing their mindset. Many studies support the incredible power of our imaginative faculty.

Conditioned to Believe Hard Work Conquers All 

We have been conditioned to believe that hard work is the main way to achieve our goals. This conditioning is good for large corporations that want our labor, but it is not so good for us in creating the life that we want to be living. We may think that trying hard to fix a situation or get a person to do what we want is what needs to be done. This is just the programming we have been trained with. Using the power of our creative mind, our imaginative faculties, is a more pleasant and almost effortless way of creating the life we want.

How to Start Creating on the Inside

I recommend starting down this path of improving one’s life by using visualization, or inner work, with a meditation routine. Meditation is the basis of a lot of inner work, developing that connection with yourself. For more information on this you can see my article on developing a morning routine:

Write out exactly how you want a situation to be. Use only positive phrases. So instead of saying, “I don’t have any money problems,” say, “My life is easy and prosperous.” You can do this for any area of your life that is not currently the way you want it to be. It should feel really good to write out the way you want things to be. Make it as creative and specific as you want. Read your statement over and over till you get a warm, peaceful feeling about the situation. Read your statement out loud to make it even more powerful! Keep adding to it and revising it till you have the situation just so. Repeat this exercise several times a day. You can also imagine that you are writing a letter to a dear friend who supports you describing how wonderful your life is right now. Make sure you are writing things as if they are already in place.

The key is to find the feeling of peace about the situation and between exercise letting it go i.e. not dwelling on it. It should feel really good!  Between sessions do your best to focus on what is right in front of you in the now moment, appreciate what you have, and do what needs to get done.

How to Know What You Truly Want to Create

There are several places to look to know what your truly want: Look at what is currently causing you pain, distress, discomfort, or fear and write out the opposite.  For example if you feel ignored by your friends, you could write, “People I care about reach out to me and make sure that I am OK. They show me that they care by sending me loving, thoughtful messages and asking me to do fun things.” You can also look to what you desire, or what you envy that others have. So instead of feeling bad that your friend seems to be traveling around the world, while you stay home, write out, “I travel to many exciting destinations. It is easy for me to go anyplace I please.”

Don’t Try to Figure Out How You Will Get the Things You Want

Just write out your positive, creative statements and let yourself feel how good it feels to already have what you want. Don’t dwell at all on how it will happen. This is not the time for planning or doing anything; this is the time to create through your imaginative faculties. You will be amazed as to how Your Universe will shift and how new paths become available to you when you have done your inner creative work.

Take it to the Next Level

To take your creation to the next level by bringing it into your heart center. The heart is where creativity is at, not your mind. So visualize that your heart is a beautiful giant flower coming out of the center of your chest. This is where you are going to create! Now visualize your mind coming down into your heart and seeing the creation you want in the center of your chest. See yourself doing the things you really want to be doing in your heart center. Make sure you are also feeling the feelings that you want to be feeling. Enjoy your creation! If there is a person in your vision, see the two of you side by side. Allow your imagination to take over and do the things you want to be doing in this space in your heart. Do this for 10 minutes every day for 14 days, then let it go!

Easier and More Effective 

Creating on the inside first is much easier and more effective. It is almost effortless to line yourself up with the vibration of what you want on the inside, then to struggle to force things into reality on the outside. Do the inner work first and you will see Your Universe line up to help you succeed. Helpful people and circumstances will appear like magic! Trying to convince another person to change can be an exercise in futility, but seeing and feeling the change already in place in your heart feels great and you will be amazed at the results.

I would love to hear how this method is working for you! There is a lot more we can do to create the life you want, so please contact me and see how my Transformation Coaching can work for you, or 303-242-7824.

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