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Create from the Heart

I apologize for not having written in a while. There have been many messages floating through my head and heart that I sent out to you, but never put on paper. There have been many powerful things going on in my life and some intense events in my community, the most intense of them being the Marshall Fire. Our community is strong and it will rebuild, but an event like this takes a huge toll on people’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

My Message To You:

My message to you is to enter the eye of the storm with me among these events. This is where I can often be found anchoring in peace and health among one storm after another. Even in the midst of the most intense chaos, heartbreak, fear and loss, you can, return to peace. It may take a while, and you may need help and resources to meet your basic needs, but you eventually can return to peace.

Creating in the heart center frequency of love vs. creating from desire. I have been working with creating in the heart center for quite a while. I have recently had an insight about the difference between heart centered creation vs. creating from the lower chakras, for example creating from desire. Both options work for manifesting what you want, but have different outcomes for what you actually end up creating. This week I decided that anytime a fear, doubt or irritable thought comes up I will go back to creating from the heart and that is all I will focus on and I will keep returning to it.

There are different frequencies in which we exist, much like different stations on the radio. You can tune into a different station to experience a different reality. When you are full of the vibration of love and not fear, then God can reside in your heart. If your vibration is off, if you are filled with fear that vibration is inhospitable to the vibration of God, and God can’t live in your heart. God wants to be there but the vibration has to exist in you to make it possible.

Here is One Strategy to Create from the Heart:

So when a doubt or fear comes into your mind and you feel that little pain in your body, or that little adrenalin rush… be very careful how you react.. Don’t go into a string of thoughts that will only reinforce and create the negative idea and bring it into reality…pause and notice. Form an image of a beautiful heart and see it in your mind’s eye. Hold your hands up and visualize it. Say to yourself, “I am creating in the vibration of the heart.” You may receive insight about what is causing you fear and stress, such as “I will be left behind.” or “That will never work out.” or “I can’t afford that.” “I can’t believe I am being treated that way.” All these phrases are examples of fear based stores your subconscious mind starts to create. Then keeping your heart and head held up high bring your hands down onto your heart and feel yourself creating there. I am creating in the center of my heart. Bring back the vision of what you are creating and hold a place for it there. Review my SARA exercise (please put link here) as this is a very helpful strategy for staying in the heart.

Another Very Simple Strategy:

Another very simple strategy is when something that is fear based comes into your mind, simply say, “I can’t wait to see what good comes out of this situation!” and then just breath. Breath the stress and anxiety out through your mouth and just bring yourself back to your beautiful vision.

Don’t react right away. If something is said or done that brings you out of your heart-space, don’t react right away, take a pause and perhaps simply let the situation go, or see above affirmation. Often when you react calmly and lovingly, the situation resolves itself. The person who upset you, may come back later and say exactly what you hoped for or what you wanted or you find that the fearful scenario that wanted to creep into your mind was greatly exaggerated.

You can also dive deeper into the fear, and ask what is the origin of this belief? Where did it come from? You can see it surrounded by a loving pink light allowing the energy of love to heal that place in you where the painful place started. You can also do some detective work. Chasing down the fear to its origin and reminding yourself that there is not reason for it and that it does not apply in the current situation were it was brought up.

You can create a vision board, either on paper or virtually where you collect images of what you are manifesting and anytime a doubt comes in, bring yourself back to the board and see the images that bring you so much joy. Feel the vibration of the heart space energy.

You can also listen to music that is set to 457 hrtz, which is the vibration of the heart. But be aware that not everything on youtube with this in the title is really that vibration.

Kindness is the path of the heart, to yourself, to other humans, to animals etc.

Please reach out if you need assistance in healing so that you can thrive.

Love & blessings,

Dr. Eva

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