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Choose Love Over Fear

Choose Love Over Fear

I have had some intellectual topics for my newsletter that I have written in my head several times. Topics that go with my theme of transition times. But this one just kept popping up over and over today in several different signs, so I have surrendered and am going with it. Why was I resisting the topic? Well, it just seems so obvious, of course we want to choose love over fear, everybody knows that right? I mean I think I read that little book, “Love is Letting Go of Fear” when I was 20.

Though the slogan is an obvious one and used all the time, perhaps it is time to bring it up again, as we do get tested over and over again. A similar choice keeps popping up again and again disguised in different forms. Can we choose love? Can we choose love over fear, even when the fear seems very real? We are continuously faced with this choice. In doing a heart-centered activation journey today, I was again reminded of a time when I didn’t choose love over fear. It was a long time ago, when I was young and living in California, a moment when I chose what I felt was duty and security and my career, over love and the unknown. It was a choice that haunted me for a long time, and I had to do a lot of re-working of it so that I could stop being tormented. 

Fear seems to be permeating society right now, though it is not a fear that I share in, but it must be the cause of the restricted and constricted behavior that I see all around me.  Not in all people, many are choosing to live free, but many others are not and are restricting themselves due to fear. Now that I think about it, there are some that are freer than ever! But many, many more may feel more restricted than ever! They are missing the choice to choose love. And my compassion goes out to them. I am not holding thoughts of judgment, I am holding space and compassion.

But, also hoping that my example can shine a light that there is another choice, that humanity has faced this choice on a collective level, over and over again, and over and over again. That we would see that there was nothing to be afraid of except ourselves and our own actions. Does anyone remember Y2K?

Relaxing and Letting Go of Fear, and Taking the Path of Love is the Way –

So how do we make this choice? What is it that you want to do? What is it that you long to do? What would you do if you could do whatever you wanted without worrying about anyone censoring you? Without worrying about repercussions? So this simple lesson, of choosing love over fear, may be very pertinent at this point and it actually does dove-tail very nicely into the original topic I was going to write on, which was the current obsession with image, because worrying about what everyone else thinks about you is the opposite of choosing love.

Two Fears that Block Love

There are two big fears I see that, when we let them go, make it easier to be in a state of love. One is the fear of death, and the other is the fear of what people think about us. When we let go of these two fears we are well on the way to being in a state of freedom and love. Facing the fear of the possibility of not existing vs. seeing ourselves as being energy that can never be destroyed. If we are in fear we live in a state of constraint and restriction. When we let it go, we are expansive and creative.

The fear of what people think about us is also linked to the fear of death. Humans evolved being dependent on each other, if you were banished from the tribe, it meant certain death. In more recent times if we stood out too much, made too much noise, spoke out against the king or lord, we were very likely to face severe punishment, even death. So there is this ancestral fear in us about not making waves, not bringing attention to ourselves as this may mean our annihilation.

Our ancestors experienced this trauma over and over again and many of us have it imprinted in our ancestral lineage. Though we may not face death or literal banishment, in our society for speaking out or going against the grain, the old ancestral wounds are triggered and the fear we feel is real. Love is letting go of fear. Choosing to feel loved, to feel held, to feel safe and supported despite the circumstances we see, is a leap of faith, a leap in consciousness.
Taking this leap takes us into the next level of consciousness.


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