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Trauma to Transformation Coaching Program: Transforming Lives, Healing Souls

One of the most remarkable traits of successful people is their ability to control their emotions. From facing rejection to getting ousted from their own companies (remember Steve Jobs?), successful people have seen it all, yet they always come on top, and never let their emotions get better of them. In short, successful people are emotionally mature. Instead of coaxing others into carrying the emotional baggage of their failures, they take full ownership of their actions. Not many people exhibit this trait. Dr. Eva A. Malanowski handles several cases of people lacking emotional maturity. There is a common notion [...]

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Ancestral Patterns and Your Relationship with Money

What is your relationship to money? Your relationship with money is often determined by the relationships your ancestors had with  money. You learn and inherit these ancestral patterns. How did your ancestors choose to spend, save, and make money? Were they stuck in circumstances that felt limiting to them? Did they live through the Great Depression? Did they squander away a fortune through mismanagement? Did they make it big only to lose it all? Or did they fastidiously plan to secure their future? Did they immigrate to the new world and make it big? Whatever their patterns were, it [...]

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Creating From The Inside Out

One Hour of Inner Work Equals Seven Hours of Outer Work It has been said that one hour of inner work is worth seven hours of outer work.  Inner work is the process of using our imagination, thoughts and feelings to evoke a vision of what we want in our life. Sports psychology has utilized the power of visualization since the 1970s and many use it in the world of business. Creating what we want on the inside is an almost effortless, much more pleasant, creative and effective way to get the life you want. The most successful people in [...]

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How the Narcissist Exploits the Empath’s Core Wound

The Narcissist has a fine-tuned antenna to go to the core of your being and find that wounded place where you most want to be loved. He or she sucks you in through initial praise and admiration, only to strike you down when you are most vulnerable. This mechanism keeps you hooked because you are desperate to win their approval again, so that you can feel worthy of love. The vampiric tendency is to suck your very life force. He or she is wounded too and needs you to feed off of you for their very survival. The Narcissist can [...]

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How to Cope With Being an Empath, First Steps

Finding out you are an Empath can bring you an initial sense of relief and a new identity. This knowledge finally brings you a sense of clarity about why you may have felt tired all the time, had such difficulty being around other people and seemed to feel emotions out of nowhere. You may feel validated that you are actually not crazy, but have a very special gift. But now what? What are you supposed to actually do to feel better? The realization itself that what you are experiencing is not your own stuff is an important insight. You can [...]

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First Father’s Day Without My Dad

This June was the first Father’s Day since my Dad passed away in February of this year. It came and went quietly as I reflected on my Dad’s passing.  Many days I notice something that I miss about my Dad, how I wish I could ask him about the history of some geopolitical situation or how he always buffed the reflectors on my car when I stopped by my parent’s house. I miss our fun discussions and how he was always a source of reliable knowledge that I could trust. Belief I have never doubted the existence of life [...]

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