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Why Do Our Old Coping Strategies No Longer Work?

I have been talking about the need to heal our addictions and dysfunctional coping strategies for many years now, warning that we should not put this off as it will get harder. The reason it has gotten harder and the old ways are not effective anymore in staving off our pain is that the vibration of the planet has increased. You can look up Schumann Resonances (SR), which “are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum.” The SR is a way we have to measure a portion of this [...]

Biggest Transition in the History of Human Consciousness is Happening Right Now

Transition Times are the Weak Links in the Fabric of Our Lives Transition times are the weak links in the fabric of our lives. That is the topic of my new book that is coming out later this year. One of the topics I cover in my book is that it is important to respect the transition and what it takes for us to navigate it successfully. We are currently at the apex of the biggest transition time in the history of humanity. We are in the midst of a huge transformation of human consciousness. But has it been [...]

Create from the Heart

I apologize for not having written in a while. There have been many messages floating through my head and heart that I sent out to you, but never put on paper. There have been many powerful things going on in my life and some intense events in my community, the most intense of them being the Marshall Fire. Our community is strong and it will rebuild, but an event like this takes a huge toll on people’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. My Message To You: My message to you is to enter the eye of the storm with [...]

Why is it so important to get Crystal Clear on Your Vision?

We are in a time of great change in the world! Which is super exciting! All the old systems are being challenged and thrown into upheaval as if the systems of the world were a bunch of blocks set up on a blanket. God came along, took the blanket, and shook it out. All the blocks go flying up in the air. We see them up in the air and we know when they land they will be all over the place. And who will put them back together? WE WILL! But this is where it is so important to [...]

Choose Love Over Fear

Choose Love Over Fear I have had some intellectual topics for my newsletter that I have written in my head several times. Topics that go with my theme of transition times. But this one just kept popping up over and over today in several different signs, so I have surrendered and am going with it. Why was I resisting the topic? Well, it just seems so obvious, of course we want to choose love over fear, everybody knows that right? I mean I think I read that little book, “Love is Letting Go of Fear” when I was 20. [...]

Transition Times

Transition Times We are at an unprecedented transition time in history right now. So much is changing and so fast! From politics, Coronavirus, economy, technology, how we live, we are experiencing change at a break-neck speed. All this change is occurring at an exponential pace and feels very intense to us as most of our historical change occurred at a much slower pace. So we are in a time of transition, a “transition time.” Transition sounds like a benign enough word, but what actually occurs during a “transition time,” is anything but benign. We go through many transition times [...]