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Burnout: When You’re Tired of Being Tired

According to a Gallup occupational health survey in 2017, 23 percent of respondents said they “were always or often burned out” and 44 percent said they “were sometimes burned out.”  If this study is accurate, ¼ to ½ (half!) of us are living in a state of chronic emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual lack –  just imagine the consequences for our family, friends, workplaces, and selves! Burnout is more than just fatigue.  It is the feeling of being “bone tired,” or depleted in every way...burnout can make you unable to meet the demands of your work/ life or can [...]

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Things to Consider When Searching for a Psychologist

It is rather easy to get discouraged when looking for a psychologist to assist you with your problems. Not all psychologists are created equal. And, when you walk into a psychologist’s clinic, in a vulnerable state of mind, it takes just one negative interaction for you to turn off from the whole profession! So, how do you find the right psychologist in Boulder Colorado? Here are four things to consider when looking for the right therapist for you: Get Referrals – The best way to find the right psychologist for yourself is to begin with gathering referrals. You may [...]

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Hypnosis for Anxiety – Does It Work?

Did you know that anxiety is one of the most common illnesses? Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders every year. And, while there are several well-known forms of treatment for anxiety disorders such as exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and even various medications, more and more people are resorting to more holistic treatments such as hypnosis therapy for anxiety. This brings us to the question, what is hypnotherapy, and does it really treat anxiety? What is hypnosis or hypnotherapy? The word hypnosis often conjures the image of a fortune teller or psychic hypnotizing a person by looking [...]

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3 Simple Steps to Overcome Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma is more common than many people realize, affecting millions of people across the globe. When one loses someone or something they love or when a stressful event destroys their sense of security, they begin to see their environment and the people around them as dangerous. Even if a particular incident does not result in physical harm, being in a constant state of fear can still cause them to become traumatized. If you are going through emotional trauma, you should know that with support and the right strategies, you can overcome it and heal to move on with [...]

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How Childhood Trauma Can Impact your Adult Relationship

Having a traumatic childhood can have a lasting impact on your life. It can influence many aspects of your life, including the relationships you forge as an adult. What happened to you as a child can affect the ‘attachment style’ you carry into your relationships as an adult. Trauma has a significant influence on attachment. If you want robust and long-lasting adult relationships, it is essential to seek treatment to help you overcome your childhood trauma. There are many different types of treatment, including hypnosis for childhood trauma. With the help of the right professional, you can find the [...]

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Growing Your Consciousness

- Mapping Your CONSCIOUSNESS to discover your BEST self - I want to introduce you today to the teachings of a great master who had a profound impact on the growth of my consciousness:  Dr. Hawkins. He is the creator of the Map of Consciousness. Understanding this map can transform your life and business. In this article I will cover: How the energy you exude either repels or attracts people and business from you- this is your level (or your field) of consciousness. Specific strategies you can implement now to change your level of consciousness and thus increase your vibration. Pitfalls to avoid [...]

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