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How a Therapist Differs from a Psychologist

Are you looking for the best person to talk about various personal or professional issues you have been facing? You can have a couple of choices like a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, and more. It can help you only if you know the exact difference between them all. The two major confusing choices are a therapist and a psychologist. Here, Dr. Eva might help you in understanding this. Psychologists Psychologists, with the exception of School Psychologists, must hold a doctorate in the field of psychology. A psychologist is also licensed in their state. The term “psychologist” is a legally [...]

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help in Living a Better Future?

Hypnotherapy is a recognized process that allows a human mind to focus just like a magnifying glass does in order to intensify the sunrays. It is a popular myth that a person is unconscious during the entire hypnosis process. In reality, the person is completely awake, and is in a state of mind where he is more open to suggestion. Hypnotherapy is conducted by an experienced and licensed professional. They can help a person in many positive ways. Keep reading on to know more! Get rid of bad habits – Hypnotherapy can help a person get rid of some [...]

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Tips to Overcome Sexual Addiction

Sex is one of the most blissful experiences of life. An active sex life is the key to maintaining good physical and mental health. During sex, the soul and body intertwine, often providing an out of this world experience. Sexual addiction is a dysfunctional preoccupation with sexual urges, fantasies, and behaviors, often involving the obsessive pursuit of objectified non-intimate sexuality: pornography, casual/anonymous sex, prostitution, etc. This adult pattern of sexual urges, fantasies, and behaviors must continue for a period of at least six months, despite both related negative life consequences and (failed) attempts to either stop or curtail the [...]

4 Signs of Stress You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Stress is fast emerging as a global killer. Studies indicate that every year, more than 100 million people die due to stress-related disorders. Stress is one of the many side-effects of leading a busy and demanding life. If not addressed timely, stress can give rise to a number of serious issues such as depression, asthma, heart ailments, Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity. Stress enters our lives silently, and before we know, it becomes an integral part of it. Most people recognize and consider stress to be a silent killer, and yet are unable to detect it early on, as health [...]

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Trauma to Transformation Coaching Program: Transforming Lives, Healing Souls

One of the most remarkable traits of successful people is their ability to control their emotions. From facing rejection to getting ousted from their own companies (remember Steve Jobs?), successful people have seen it all, yet they always come on top, and never let their emotions get better of them. In short, successful people are emotionally mature. Instead of coaxing others into carrying the emotional baggage of their failures, they take full ownership of their actions. Not many people exhibit this trait. Dr. Eva A. Malanowski handles several cases of people lacking emotional maturity. There is a common notion [...]

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Ancestral Patterns and Your Relationship with Money

What is your relationship to money? Your relationship with money is often determined by the relationships your ancestors had with  money. You learn and inherit these ancestral patterns. How did your ancestors choose to spend, save, and make money? Were they stuck in circumstances that felt limiting to them? Did they live through the Great Depression? Did they squander away a fortune through mismanagement? Did they make it big only to lose it all? Or did they fastidiously plan to secure their future? Did they immigrate to the new world and make it big? Whatever their patterns were, it [...]

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