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Finding Balance in Your Life

Nature and Balance Nature abhors imbalance. When there is imbalance–often caused by humans, problems occur. When nature is left alone, she can often restore balance. An excellent example of this phenomenon is humans almost extinguishing the wolf population. Without wolves elk herds increase and often wreak havoc on ecosystems. Recently efforts have been made to reintroduce wolves into Yellowstone National Park in order to restore balance. Between 1914-1926, 136 wolves were eliminated in Yellowstone National Park. Eliminating this apex predator created all kinds of imbalance in the park – beavers disappeared, as did songbirds, while elk and coyotes became [...]

May 10th, 2023|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

Angels & Little Miracles

Angels are among us and I got to experience their help yet again! I was on my way to an arcade to celebrate my son’s basketball win. When I opened the door to get out of the car, my phone slid off my lap and fell down the metal grate to the sewage canal down below! It was way too far down to reach it and the grate was super heavy and would not budge. It was also beginning to snow, the evening on a weekend and we were about to experience a very serious cold snap–so my chances [...]

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Happy New Year 2023

It is always exciting to begin a new year. It feels like a fresh clean slate is in front of you and the world is filled with possibilities! It provides a reset. Of course this is a mental exercise because any point can be a reset and a new start, we just have to make that decision in our minds and in our hearts. Clearing Out the Clutter-One Space at a Time Something I started before the new year is a little organization project where I organize one area everyday. Here is how it works:  I pick any area [...]

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Ancestral Patterns and Parenting

Can what happened to your ancestors impact your current relationships with your parents and children? There are many ways that what happened to our ancestors impact us and our current lives. The veils of energy of our ancestors hang over our lives. Whether through stories, energy, psychological patterns or our very genetic material, our ancestors may have an immense impact on our lives. Have you ever noticed how family patterns are passed down from generation to generation? Have you ever wondered why? Why can’t we get out of these patterns? Why do we repeat the sins of the fathers? [...]

October 3rd, 2022|Categories: Blog, Psychologist|0 Comments

Am I A Lonely Hunter or Part of the School of Fish

There has been a debate in the spiritual community if we should be independent individuals guided by our own desires, or if we are all interconnected as One and meant to help each other as a collective? Are we independent Gods or are we all One? Are we meant to only follow our bliss or are we to help and serve one another as if they were ourselves? Are we the ocean or just a drop of water in the vastness of All That Is? My answer is that we are both. Just like light [...]

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Learn From The Trees

On a recent trip to the Florida Keys I saw some very special trees. I have always loved trees.. They inspire me with their uniqueness and their sturdy strength. They are beings in themselves; I would often wonder when aliens land on earth, what would they think about our majestic trees. Would they see them as the Druids did, as Gods to worship? The more I study trees, the more amazing they are. They communicate with each other, have families, warn each other about danger coming and adjust their nutritional intake based on environmental circumstances. I love their peaceful [...]

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