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Leaders have a MORAL responsibility to be emotionally healthy

I believe leaders have a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to be emotionally healthy... There are many qualities that make a great leader... such as having a vision, self-discipline, great communication skills, integrity, humility, strategic planning, focus, and getting the cooperation of others. But just because a person has gotten to a position of leading a team or company, does not mean that person has the character that's needed to take on this responsibility (without negatively impacting the lives of other humans). Unfortunately, many who are in leadership positions lack emotional maturity, and this immaturity is costly. Emotionally immature leaders destroy companies/ lives. There are many [...]

June 30th, 2020|Categories: Anxiety Disorders, Blog, Psychologist, Stress, Therapist|0 Comments

Letting the Old Fall Away to Embrace the New

How can we make space for the OLD to fall away & embrace the NEW? We have been experiencing a very high level of challenges to the status quo. The whole old system is being shaken up.  When old systems fall apart there is a period of fear and confusion and even grieving for the old. These feelings may also be experienced when there is change on a personal level, such as a relationship ending. After these feelings are processed and we look around at the broken piles around us then begins a period of redemption and the beginning [...]

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Finding Peace in Your Heart No Matter What’s Going On

How do you find PEACE in your heart no matter what's going on around you? One person wrote, "If you're not using this time to rest, reset and prioritize your purpose and people in your life, you, my friend are wasting an opportunity you may never get again. The world literally stopped and shifted for you to get your sh*t together. If this is torture for you, find out why." This time truly CAN be an amazing opportunity to rest, reset, and re-prioritize. There has never been a time in our lives when the world literally stopped for a great many [...]

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How will the Coronavirus Lead to Mass Awakening?

A number of people in the spiritual community have prophesied about the year 2020 being a monumental year for a great awakening of the population. As the Covid-19 situation has unfolded I have observed it carefully, knowing it is one of the pivotal events that will be a trigger for humanity to wake up and change. Observing what is going on I have wondered how the process would work and unfold. A while back I wrote an article on the little addictions that keep us from reaching our full potential. These little addictions keep us distracted from the pain [...]

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The Connection Between Anxiety and Emotional Immaturity

Many people do not know that there is a link between anxiety and emotional immaturity. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines anxiety as, “an abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by physical signs (such as tension, sweating, and increased pulse), by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat, and by self-doubt about one’s capacity to cope with it”. It is this lack of confidence in one’s ability to cope with what they believe to be a threat is what links anxiety with emotional immaturity. When people are emotionally mature, they still experience anxiety. However, they have [...]

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A Tactical Tool to Manage Your Anxiety

I want to offer you a simple exercise I came up with to reset my energy & not let stress, anxiety, and fatigue pile up at the end of the day. When I worked in the Federal Prison System I found that I was quite exhausted by the end of the day. I would go exercise and then basically crash and wait until my morning routine to reset myself. I had no energy by the time I came home. So I started trying out different things to reset my energy throughout the day so that it wouldn’t all accumulate [...]

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