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Transition Times

Transition Times We are at an unprecedented transition time in history right now. So much is changing and so fast! From politics, Coronavirus, economy, technology, how we live, we are experiencing change at a break-neck speed. All this change is occurring at an exponential pace and feels very intense to us as most of our historical change occurred at a much slower pace. So we are in a time of transition, a “transition time.” Transition sounds like a benign enough word, but what actually occurs during a “transition time,” is anything but benign. We go through many transition times [...]

How to Reset for the New Year

Happy New Year Dear Friends, I'm happy to be here continuing to connect with you on your journey. I know last year was filled with challenges for many of us and some big growth for some of us. This next year will be the year to take everything we have learned and to implement it into our lives. I know that we are entering unprecedented times and many may be wondering what is ahead. I do believe that there may be more “interesting” times ahead, however as the old saying goes, “it is darkest before the dawn,” and so after the [...]

How to Approach Personal Transformation

Approaching Personal Transformation. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  I hope that you are finding some time to pause and enjoy this special time of year, though I know for many of you, myself included, it has been a year of upheaval, change, and stress. And for others, it has been a year of hardship or loneliness. I do hope that you see the light and the hope among all of the challenges and changes. I very much believe, as I have said through the year, that this is a year of great opportunity [...]

Why Do We Fear Death?

Why Preparing for Death Helps us Lead a Full Life Why do we fear death? I think we fear death because we have been conditioned to fear it. There are so many scary images of death: horror movies, Halloween, haunted houses, etc. It is also the fact that it’s unknown. Although there are countless accounts of near-death experiences, we still do not know what actually happens. We have not been able to directly observe what happens after someone dies, the way we can observe what happens when, for example, someone goes away to college for the first time. It also seems [...]

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The Most Important Thing This Year Revealed

The Most Important Thing This Year Revealed  First of all, I want to express my deepest gratitude for you being in my life. I appreciate all that I have learned from you on our connected journey on this planet. I am thankful that our paths have crossed, for the wisdom, the lessons, and the moments we have shared. We shall soon be spending a day where we all consciously focus on being thankful and it is very special we take a day to all do this as a country; it definitely shifts our vibration and increases it.  At the [...]

4 Ways to find GRATITUDE in 2020

Finding Gratitude in this Time of Stillness. It has been a while since I have written. A lot of change has been happening in my life, as it has for many people. We are in a unique and special time when activity on our planet was literally brought to almost a standstill due to the lockdowns from the pandemic. Though many have experienced fear, unease, and economic hardship during this time, this period also has a unique silver lining. It is a time of reset, a time of quiet, a time of deep self-reflection, and a time that provides [...]

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