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Biggest Transition in the History of Human Consciousness is Happening Right Now

Transition Times are the Weak Links in the Fabric of Our Lives

Transition times are the weak links in the fabric of our lives. That is the topic of my new book that is coming out later this year. One of the topics I cover in my book is that it is important to respect the transition and what it takes for us to navigate it successfully.

We are currently at the apex of the biggest transition time in the history of humanity. We are in the midst of a huge transformation of human consciousness. But has it been easy? No. Have many felt sick and have many struggled with the biggest fears they have had to face so far? Yes they have. So what is it that we are in the midst of? A huge transition period. Now why do I say to respect the transition? Well, this transition as well as many other ones that occur on a smaller, personal level, are the times when we are the most vulnerable. Transitions are the times when our lives are turned topsy turvy and we feel extreme stress, discomfort and at times intense fear!

We have to get through transitions in order to get to the next level. They can be easy or rough, depending on many factors. What I will be covering in my book is to help the reader recognize that transition times exist, help them see that everyone struggles with these time, so they are not alone and to share some effective strategies that will help the reader navigate the transitions in their lives more smoothly and easily with less damage to themselves and others.

For now, let us begin our journey through transition times big and small and explore these weak yet vital links in the fabric of our lives.

Why a Weak Link?

Why do I consider transition times to be weak links? Well, we are more vulnerable to getting sick during them. We are more vulnerable to making poor decisions, we are more vulnerable to making poor choices with our money or not paying attention to our money so our money situation falls apart. We are more likely to drift into dreamland. (Now some drifting may be healthy. Some drifting may be just exactly what we need, as dreaming and escapism has a protective quality. We just need to make sure we are not staying in this dreamy state for too long!) During transition times are more likely to get into fights and arguments which may really affect our interpersonal relationships. We may feel more scattered and lose things. We may feel more disorganized and have a hard time even attending to basic things.

One of the transition times I write about in the book is that of adolescents and here we are even more vulnerable to events such as mental illness if the time is not respected and honored. So we must be extra vigilant about our children during these times and help them to be connected to us and learn how to be connected to God, their Spirit Guides and Angels as they navigate these challenging times.

We can get caught up in the day to day hassles and business of life and not even notice that a member of our family is struggling with these difficult times. Having the awareness of the transition periods and taking time each day to check in on our family members, even if just energetically opens up the channels of communications. This is not enough, we also need a specific plan for how to get from one place to the other.

Biggest Transition in Human Consciousness

We are currently in the biggest transition in human history! What is happening? Can we all feel it? We have been through turbulent times and a pandemic. We have been through economic upheavals and changes, as well as large amounts of people leaving their jobs, we have been through supply chain issues, fires, floods and other natural disasters, and now there is a new war.

Some of us in the spiritual communities have been preparing for this great leap in human consciousness for years. There have been many prophecies about a great awakening that is going to unfold. We are in the midst of this transition as I write. We do come out the other side. The outcome is already set. The light wins as they say! So there is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to be afraid of. We are returning to an era where we will be more free, where the veils are thinning, where animals and people and the planet will be better cared for. Where we can live in a way that is simpler perhaps if that appeals to us, or a way that, if not simpler, is more flowing and we have more flow into our prosperity and it is easier. Everything will be less complicated. Thus allowing us to truly thrive.

Much of what we are dealing with on the planet now, much of these transitions, are artificially made more difficult. There are many difficulties that are placed in front of us in the form of bureaucracies, laws, fees, and impediments to our true freedom. There are licenses to obtain, and fees to pay. If we want to open a retreat center, there are permits, zoning and all kinds of hoops we seemingly need to jump through. It is these little gremlins of bureaucracy that steal our joy and make us feel stuck in inertia unable to do anything at all as it just feels daunting and overwhelming. So we play small, stuck in fear. Every action seems to take so many steps to accomplish.

So I see these impediments being blown away. Because what happens when we come here for a purpose and we know it is to create, yet we don’t do it? Well this is when our self-judgment during our life review may be painful. This is when we may not feel so great and feel like we let ourselves down, we let ourselves down, as that is the only force judging us. So what can we do?

Having a vision is very important. Having a vision of what we want can be very inspiring and we should not try to censor or control our vision, just let it flow. We must also realize that anything that makes us feel afraid, guilty, ashamed is false. All this is false and all this is created by the little demons that are in our head. So we turn our back on the demons because they are not the truth, we actually can dream as big as we want because if it flows from our heart we can not go wrong. If we feel there is a love and it flows from our heart, this love cannot be wrong and we do not need to be afraid.

If you have been struggling during this transition time or more personal ones in your own life, please do not hesitate to reach out. I know how to help.

Also, stay tuned for new exciting events that I have planned for you that are coming up!

With love & gratitude,

Dr. Eva

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