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Combining art therapy and other modalities to transcend the pain, shame and loneliness of emotional and physical trauma, so that you can fully unfold into your full potential.

When we suffer from trauma, neglect, abuse, fear when we are children our growth is stunted, we get stuck, we put a protective shell around ourselves so that we never need to be hurt again.

So we protect ourselves, but there is a high cost. That cost is that we remain small much like a plant whose growth is thwarted by environmental challenges. The good news is that we can be free! We can be free and we can grow into who we came to be on this planet.

I believe we came here to fully express ourselves and see ourselves as the creative beings that we are!

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Art Club

6 Month Program

Doors 0pen for registration July 6th! Program begins August 1st, 2022.

Art Club is a creative, fun-filled community of like-minded seekers who want to finally be free of these childhood wounds that have kept them small, triggered and in fear.

We will meet on-line and for those who are in the area there will be the possibility to meet in person for the individual session, as well as the possibility to have the art therapy sessions in person while also including our on-line community.

No art experience is required.

Owl Blush


Art Club makes this difficult and painful process of healing, beautiful and fulfilling. The journey to heal ourselves is the most important one we can take.

As a Transformational Psychologist and Coach for relationship trauma and related addictions, my specialty is in helping growth-oriented, professional men and women release the patterns that keep them emotionally stuck and unfulfilled. Dr. Eva has been an artist since she was a little girl, often escaping into the world of art as a child. She has taken art classes all her life and has shown and sold her work in Colorado.

Included in the program:

  • Monthly Healing Guided Journey

  • Monthly healing art therapy session
  • Monthly check in on progress being made in healing journey and accountability that we are staying on track.
  • Monthly healing assignment 
  • 1 private 60 min. Session with Dr. Eva during the course of the program (opportunity to purchase additional individual sessions only available to those who have completed previous programs)
  • Private Art Club FB group where we can share our art and progress
  • 15% discount on other programs, such as Trauma to Transformation, Individual Retreat and Men’s Program if started during Art Club. 

EARLY BIRD INVESTMENT: (by July 24th midnight MST)

Full price investment:  $2400 (plus cost of art supplies) 
Monthly payment plan: $444
You can schedule your individual session as soon as you register
Join Now – Monthly Pay
Join Now – Pay in Full
After July 24th
Full price investment:  $2800 (plus cost of art supplies)
Monthly payment plan:  $488
Doors Close July 30th midnight MST

I love focused programs! That is why this is a 6-month program, you get to focus on yourself and see real progress in a manageable amount of time! It is affordable and offers a special discount on my other programs for those that wish to do more individual work.

Watch Dr. Eva’s Invite to Join Art Club!

The Power To Heal

I love art and believe it has the power to heal. That is why I am bringing in art and other creative modalities, such as free-form dance, music and Guided Journeys into this program. We can bypass the gates of the conscious mind and open the doorway to the subconscious through creativity. The subconscious mind is the space where all of these dark parts of ourselves are hidden, the hurt, the shame, the smallness, betrayals, the despair and loneliness. 

We go there as strong warriors ready to help and rescue ourselves and shine the greatest love on those dark places that ever was.

It is also super critical because of the state that our planet is in right now. People are angry and fighting each other, most of this anger originates in our childhoods, some has been continued for generations, from deep hurts and wounds of the past that continue to be passed on.


What I experienced with Eva yesterday is the real deal! She is talented, powerful, and the transformation happens quickly! Everyone should get her book with great practices, but more so, should schedule a session with her to do this important work for the entire planet at this time. I couldn’t be more honored to call this woman an Impact Tribe Sister. Thank you Eva for everything you did for me, my family, and the entire planet! I love you. Keep shining your brilliance! 💖

-Vanessa Passarelli Tavernetti

I had made great progress in my business ventures working with Dr. Eva. I had released many blocks, created my vision and had created several successful businesses while working with her, however as I was bringing my Big Vision into reality, there was a strange fear that was holding me back, it didn’t even feel like my own. (I would like to mention that I wouldn’t have found this if i wasn’t working with you. Before I didn’t even realized or even thought about it. Until I asked my self. Thanks to working with you.)After working with Dr. Eva using the Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques, I connected to my grandfather and realized that the fear was his, not mine. We were able to heal and release the trauma for him and immediately I felt a sense of release, peace and joy and I knew that the fear that was holding me back was gone! Since then my business has taken off, within months I was meeting my monthly financial goals! I am very excited for the future as my big goals and dreams are being realized. Life is an joy. It’s amazing how I learned things about my grandfather that I did not know and this information was validated by my mother. And it is amazing having had that moment where I connected with my grandfather. The ATRT process really works!

– Yanina Dobarro

Owner, The Whole Empanada

Dr. Eva Malanowski literally saved my life and as a result the legacy of my family, not to mention their quality of life and well being. I met Eva at a very critical junction in my life, after many years of success intertwined with anger, fear and vices. By the time I met Eva I had been working my way out of a the darkness for 3 years and was beat up and discouraged. Starting work with Eva was a transformational time. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick, but with Eva’s tremendous loving help and confidence in me I have been able to not rebuild my life, but do something much better – I have built a life of connection, confidence and prosperity that I had never even imagined was possible.

– Jacob Kostecki

Ready for Growth?

If you are a growth-seeker, if you are an entrepreneur who loves to see their business grow, if you love art, but perhaps were afraid to try, if you seek meaning and purpose in life and know there is more than the mundane 3-D world, if you believe you have angels and spirit-guides that help, if you if you know something keeps keeping you stuck, procrastinating, self-sabotaging and you know there is more to you than has been seen so far–then joining Art Club can open this world of possibilities to you!

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