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Angels & Little Miracles

Angels are among us and I got to experience their help yet again! I was on my way to an arcade to celebrate my son’s basketball win. When I opened the door to get out of the car, my phone slid off my lap and fell down the metal grate to the sewage canal down below! It was way too far down to reach it and the grate was super heavy and would not budge. It was also beginning to snow, the evening on a weekend and we were about to experience a very serious cold snap–so my chances for getting my phone back before it was soaked and damaged seemed very slim!

But here is the important thing–I did not panic, in fact I felt remarkably calm and I had an inner knowing that everything would be OK. 

I went into the office building the car was parked next to and I told the security guard what happened. He did not seem to feel especially confident that anything could be done, and told me to sit down and wait. He called someone and soon another security guard showed up who was much more enthusiastic and helpful. He came out to look and tried to open the grate; it was too heavy. He said, “luckily I work with a lot of guys that go to the gym!” He went back in and disappeared, in a few moments he returned with the first guy and another much bigger guy. They proceeded to lift the metal crate. Then they tried to get the phone out with some pinchers that they happened to have in the lost and found, but this failed. Finally one guy jumped in and got the undamaged phone out! Then dusty and dirty he got out. Now they had to place the grate back over the sewer. On the first attempt the whole thing fell in and one of the guys had to jump in again and pull it out. They made several more unsuccessful attempts. Then I made a suggestion to place the grate on the one next to it and slid it over. This worked and they were impressed by my idea 🙂 

The whole operation, which just moments ago seemed almost impossible was quickly done and I was on my way inside where my son had already been playing to celebrate his win!

I shared this story because it was another example of Angels showing up in my life, this time wearing black security guard uniforms, and helping me get through a difficult situation with ease and grace. I have many such stories in my life. On another occasion I was stranded in the middle of the highway in a snowstorm when I ran out of gas. Very quickly a man stopped to help me. He took me to the gas station, pumped gas for me so I wouldn’t get my hands dirty and brought me back and poured the gas in for me. Again it just took a little bit of time and I was on my way again. I sent him some cookies to thank him and he sent me a nice note. It was such a feel good experience, rather than something that could have been a dreadful ordeal. There are many many other examples of Angels being exactly where they needed to be and helping me in difficult situations:  sometimes it was unlikely people that would become my friends in a new challenging work situation or those who would provide me support and appreciation. 

I have always been good in difficult or crisis situations and the continuous appearance of these Angels has made it even more so. I stay calm and collected in situations where others get stressed, upset or frustrated and I have a deep inner knowing that everything will turn out all right. I would invite you, Dear Friend to try this peaceful approach as well, because I do believe that when we choose the path of calm, serenity and appreciation for Daily Miracles in our lives, our Angels and our Miracles will show up. So don’t get into negative thinking, panic, don’t swear at other drivers on the highway, stay calm and peaceful inside and create a vibrational match for your miracles to arrive. 

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