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Ancestral Trauma can manifest in many ways in our lives, in our bodies, in our habits. It can block us in our creativity, our capacity for trust and intimacy, our fears and phobias, our mood, anxiety, addictions and health.

Ancestral cycles may be impacting your life today in more ways than you think. Instead of being doomed to repeat these cycles over, and over, again, thankfully there is a way we can heal! We can remove these blocks through Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques (ATRT™).

Our approach can be used to clear these blocks in a variety of ways, once we recognize their source. This recognition can occur through examining family stories, through intuition, and through accessing the ancestor directly by entering the Quantum Realm. When we are in emotional resonance with an ancestor, we are in a position to clear their trauma as it lives in us. When we release the blockage or trauma we may experience deep relief and bring relief to our entire Ancestral Lineage! When we clear the ancestral traumas we do it not just for ourselves but for generations to come as well. The more people clear ancestral challenges the better the world becomes and the less likely we are to experience traumatic world events. 

I co-developed this Energy Psychology method for clearing Ancestral Trauma called ATRT™, with Ben Schwarcz, MA, MFT, ACAP-EFT, EFT Tapping Trainer and we first presented it at the ACEP Energy Psychology Conference in New Mexico 2019. 

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Healing ancestral trauma can lead to breakthroughs in our relationship with money, romantic relationships and health issues.

 1. Security and Safety

2. Power and Control

3. Freedom

4. Self Worth and Success

5. Energy, Health, Well-Being

The experiences of our family lineage can imprint upon our subconscious patterns and attitudes towards our health, our relationships, and money (and all that it represents), even when we have no knowledge of an ancestor or their story. Often it is the tragedy that was too painful to bear, that a family buries and never talks about, that finds its way into later generations. Inexplicable fears, phobias, anxieties and worries may have no direct roots in your own past, but are the unfinished and unexpressed stories of those that lived long ago.

Do you know,  just going back 7 generations, how many people that is (just in grandparents)? More than 500!


Our Approach

This approach uses Guided Inner Journeying, to help you discover and connect with an ancestor who is influencing your life patterns, emotions, subconscious beliefs, or experiences. Once the connection is made, I help you to release the stuck emotion that you’ve inherited from your ancestor. In essence, you are healing your ancestral lineage, as well as yourself.

If you’d like to personally experience Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques™ to clear patterns and blocks in your life, contact me to explore the possibilities!


Want to learn more about Ancestral Trauma? Check out my book “Ancestral Trauma and the Deep Roots of Money Blocks”

In Ancestral Trauma and the Deep Roots of Money Blocks, Dr. Eva Malanowski invites you to become the architect of your destiny. In this little book, she will help you to clear out the patterns that have kept your family lineage stuck for generations through heart-breaking stories of her ancestors.

If you are struggling with negative money patterns, or if you have a sneaking suspicion that something is sabotaging your best efforts to overcome your financial hardships, then this book is for you.

You can stop repeating the mistakes of your ancestors and make a conscious choice to end the patterns for your future generations.

You need to understand that your ancestors are rooting for you to make the changes and to bring your inspired vision into manifestation!