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Ancestral Trauma and the Deep Roots of Money Blocks

The DNA of your ancestors runs through your physical, mental, and emotional body. Generational trauma is still a new field of study. But a growing body of research believes that trauma can leave a lasting chemical mark on a person’s genes. So, your relationship with money is often determined by the relationships your ancestors had with money. You learn and inherit these ancestral patterns.

Become the Architect of Your Destiny

In Ancestral Trauma and the Deep Roots of Money Blocks, Dr. Eva Malanowski invites you to become the architect of your destiny. In this little book, she will help you to clear out the blocks that have kept your family lineage stuck for generations through heart-breaking stories of her ancestors.


Make a Conscious Choice to End the Patterns for your Future Generations

You can stop repeating the mistakes of your ancestors and make a conscious choice to end the patterns for your future generations.

You need to understand that your ancestors are rooting for you to make the changes and to bring your inspired vision into manifestation!

Exercises such as visualizing talking to your ancestor who started the dysfunctional money patterns, and leaving those patterns with him or her, are powerful. This exercise releases the energetic hooks that connect you to these patterns.

Old money patterns that no longer serve you can drain your energy and derail your progress in creating your prosperity unless you bring them to the light and transform them. The Net Worth Exercise, Couples Money Exercise, and Ancestral Couple Exercise are all designed to help you look objectively at your current money situation.

If you struggle with making money, keeping money, or enjoying the money you have, this book will help you in healing your ancestral money patterns. This book will enable you to uncover, release, and transform the patterns and create the prosperous life that you truly enjoy!



As a Transformational Psychologist and Life Coach for relationship trauma and related addictions in Boulder, Colorado, my specialty is in helping growth-oriented, professionals release the patterns that keep them emotionally stuck and unfulfilled. Dr. Eva is the author of “Ancestral Trauma and the Deep Roots of Money Blocks.”

Through empathy and compassion, I empower you to step into your true divine nature and transform the pain of your trauma into a life of meaning and purpose.

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