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Ancestral Patterns and Parenting

Can what happened to your ancestors impact your current relationships with your parents and children? There are many ways that what happened to our ancestors impact us and our current lives. The veils of energy of our ancestors hang over our lives. Whether through stories, energy, psychological patterns or our very genetic material, our ancestors may have an immense impact on our lives.

Have you ever noticed how family patterns are passed down from generation to generation? Have you ever wondered why? Why can’t we get out of these patterns? Why do we repeat the sins of the fathers? Why do these ghosts of our ancestors show up and haunt our lives? 

How we parent and relate to our parents may be connected to what someone else in our family lineage did. 

ancestral patterns and parenting

Why does this matter? Well if we can tap into these patterns and understand them, we can also learn about and utilize techniques that can help us change these patterns. 

Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques™ is a method I co-developed and utilize in healing what our ancestors left behind for us. 

Now more than ever the ancestors are calling out for us to change! They are wanting us to end the patterns passed down through the generations and they are wanting us to be present in our lives and make the decisions to change the patterns. 

What patterns do you see coming up over and over again in your relationships? Do you see how these patterns could be related to your ancestors? Do they remind you of patterns in your parents or grandparents lives or even going further back or to other relatives? Are there fears that keep appearing ? Avoidance patterns?

Look at your life and see what areas seem a mystery? Some patterns are crystal clear to us, but others are strange and we may not understand where they came from. Even a case of insomnia was once discovered to be connected to a distant ancestor who didn’t want to die from hyperthermia by falling asleep. 

Parenting Patterns

How our parents treated us may be impacted by our ancestors. Parenting patterns are often passed down from generation to generation. It may be helpful in understanding our own parents to understand what their parents were like. Sometimes patterns that were not there from the beginning come up at a certain developmental stage of your children. Attachment styles may also be impacted between parents and children. 

Understanding ancestral patterns can help us forgive our parents if we felt they mistreated us. When we understand where they came from it brings us compassion and forgiveness.  You may realize that a father who was beaten by his father did not perpetuate the cycle and though he may have other faults, seeing what he overcame, can bring a sense of appreciation to your relationship with him. A parent who is very overprotective of a child and never wants to let her out of his sight may have an ancestor who lost a child so there is a sense of dread or unease about the child that is difficult to explain. A parent who has an ancestor whose child died young my also have some difficulty bonding with their child because there is that deeply buried fear of losing someone you love so much. Once the pattern is uncovered it can then be healed. 

A sense of lack or poverty may be a pattern that is inflicted on children even in a well to do household due to patterns that were those of ancestors who suffered wars or famine. Many of us have had generations of ancestors who experienced starvation for example, hence the old “eat everything on your plate” rule that is not healthy for our future eating habits can be explained. 

Uncovering the patterns can be done when we bypass the subconscious mind. Once the patterns are discovered we can heal what happened then and that can in turn change the energy of what is happening now. We can actually call in our ancestors and work directly with them and release the patterns. 

This Ancestral work can be the breakthrough that you have been looking for! If you feel called to do this very important work just text or email me at, 303-242-7824. 

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